Shortland Street makes blood-splattered return in 2016 season premiere video

Shortland Street got off to a blood-splattered start on Monday night.

Shortland Street got off to a blood-splattered start on Monday night.

How exciting was that show last night?

Shortland Street fans were all questions as they returned to the scene of 2015's shootout, where the lives of several core characters hung in the balance - and the 2016 season opener picked up right where things left off.

After a month-long hiatus, things got off to a thrilling start, with Ferndale's armed offenders squad giving medical staff the all-clear to enter the hospital and pick up the pieces following the cliffhanger's bloodbath.

Ria Vandervis as as Harper on Shortland Street.

Ria Vandervis as as Harper on Shortland Street.

"Oh my God, Chris, all of those people," Rachel McKenna whimpered, well aware this was a problem even the legendary Dr Chris Warner probably couldn't fix.

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As Warner led his squad of medics and nameless paramedics through the hospital doors, drama ensued.

Shot point blank in his exam, Dr Drew McCaskill had been left a sitting duck. But there were sighs of relief in living rooms around the country on Monday night when he was discovered a little bloodied and definitely worse for wear - but still showing signs of life.

The Coopers were somewhat less fortunate.

As Wendy cradled her injured husband Murray following the cafeteria shootout, she seemed unaware she had taken a bullet to the chest. The frazzled mum-of-three was quickly carted off to triage as hospital staff - and Wendy's colleagues - watched on in disbelief.

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"Wendy, I need Wendy," Murray wailed as he was wheeled into surgery.

There was a sense of relief when viewers learned Bella and baby Stevie had been spared, as last season's cliffhanger left us unsure of their fate.

Meanwhile, in the Emergency Department, Harper - scalpel and stethoscope at the ready - got to work. In her wedding gown. 

Only in Ferndale would a bejeweled bodice and chantilly tulle gown be deemed appropriate for surgery. But as many Shortland Street fans know, there is zero time to waste in ED.

Things were somewhat more trivial outside the hospital doors. Lucy discovered Curtis is a player - in more ways than one - while newlyweds Dayna and George remained unaware of the grim turn of events for the majority of the episode.

When Harper finally takes a moment away from the operating table (note: she's still wearing a bloodied wedding dress), it has become quite apparent she's still crazy in love with Drew - her poor husband-to-be Boyd is the only one who hasn't quite cottoned on to this yet.

Catch up, Boyd.

From there, the episode jumps back and forth between Drew and Wendy's bedsides, with recovery looking highly unlikely for either of them in the final moments of Monday's episode.

Soon enough, it becomes clear Monday will not be the night fans find out who's going to be killed off. 

And so it ends, with the same questions racing through our heads from 25 minutes prior: Wendy or Drew, Drew or Wendy? Can you dryclean blood out of a wedding dress?

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