What the Kiwi gossip mags say

TALE OF HEARTACHE: Woman's Day has an interview with Kylee Guy this week.
TALE OF HEARTACHE: Woman's Day has an interview with Kylee Guy this week.

A four-page spread on grieving widow Kylee Guy's "one and only" interview dominates the pages of Woman's Day this week.

The harrowing interview recounts what life is like for Kylee and her two little boys growing up without their dad and is littered with adorable pictures of the mini cowboys.

"I've blocked it out, it's the only way I can cope, " Kylee told the gossip magazine.

According to Woman's Day, Kylee would only speak on the condition the man who was acquitted of Guy's murder - Ewen Macdonald - did not have his name mentioned once throughout the entire interview.

Her hatred for Macdonald, who was last week sentenced to five years in prison for other charges of criminal damage and arson to property belonging to the Guy family and others, is well documented.

She recently wrote to the Solicitor General pleading for Macdonald to be kept in prison, otherwise she feared she would have to flee the country.

In happier news, Peaches Geldof has gotten married at the family estate and attached church which her parents, Sir Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, tied the knot 26 years earlier.

Touting their exclusive, New Idea has proudly displayed they have all the official pics from "Peaches Geldolf's fairytale wedding".

Unfortunately for New Idea, her name is Peaches Geldof.

Her dress apparently took six months to make, as thousands of sequins, beads and crystals were hands sewn.

"Encapsulating the bride's vision of a country wedding meets Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, they wore embellished flowing ivory dresses..." Lovely.

Peaches married her fiancé musician Thomas Cohen, with their five-month-old son Astala as page boy.

The magazine also features the happy engagement of New Zealand actress Keisha Castle-Hughes.

She was all class in Australia as she raided airport pharmacies for testers of moisturiser to try out on her legs, before swigging back the beer at a liquid lunch with her fiancé whom she met over Twitter, Jonathan Morrison.

She did splurge on duty-free alcohol and cigarettes though.

However slightly behind the eight-ball Woman's Weekly is leading with the threat of terrorist attacks against Prince Harry, who is currently serving in Afghanistan.

All of the young royals have reportedly undergone kidnapping training and have grave fears for the younger Prince who received death threats from the Taleban a few weeks ago.

While there is no mention of the attack that has been attempted on the life of Prince Harry over the weekend, which tragically killed two US Marines, a new angle has been explored on the naked pictures which surfaced after his trip to Las Vegas.

Aside from the behaviour being most unbecoming of a prince, "there was also massive concern weapons could have been smuggled into the room instead of phones".

"Next time it might be a gun," said former bodyguard to Princess Diana Ken Wharfe.

The palace is on "red alert" according to the mag, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tour the Solomon Islands.

"William and Kate will be trying not to think too much about the safety risks and instead concentrating on making the tour a big success," says an "insider".

Probably not difficult, given they are also concentrating on keeping the Duchess' bare chest out of as many tabloids as possible.