Reece Mastin keeps it clean

SHOOTING STAR: Reece Mastin will answer Stuff-readers questions tonight.
SHOOTING STAR: Reece Mastin will answer Stuff-readers questions tonight.

The fact Reece Mastin's new DVD could have had an R18 sticker thrown on it is a record label's nightmare.

After all, the majority of the Aussie X Factor winner's fans are what you could call young and impressionable wee things, whose parents probably wouldn't be so keen on their little girls seeing the (apparently) dirty reality of life on the road.  

Oh, and of course Mastin is still only 17 himself.

It's lucky then the editing team of Behind Closed Doors could work some magic, leaving only the family friendly footage on the rockumentary. At least for the version the punters can watch.

"It was going to be very easy to slip from G to R18, so we edited enough out. We've still got the version we shot on tour, so there are two videos, but we'll keep that one secret I think," said Mastin during a flying promotional visit to Auckland.

The DVD, which was filmed by the singer and his band, follows what has been a hell of a year for the young singer.  

Since he was crowned X Factor champ last November, Mastin has become a household name in Australia - and a firm favourite on this side of the Tasman as well.

His album cemented itself at the top of the charts, and at one point his first single Good Night was selling an average of one copy every 2.7 seconds.

And after a quiet patch (of about three months) the Mastin Movement is on a roll again.

"It's been pretty crazy.  It feels like it's been more like three or four years, [with all the] things that have happened, not just in my music, but with life in general, like moving to Sydney, moving in with my girlfriend, a new single, the DVD, a new album, an Australian tour and then the NZ tour."

Yes, he is coming back to perform for his Kiwi Lil' Rockers (the self-imposed name of his rather enthusiastic fans), although hopefully not to repeat what happened on his first Kiwi visit when a public appearance in Auckland had to be closed down due to the overwhelming crowd numbers.

While they might be scary on the outside, Mastin really does love his fans. He is constantly talking to them on Twitter and just last night hosted a DVD screening party in Auckland for a lucky few.  

That's not to say he hasn't had some close calls.

"They go pretty nuts. A lot of them are getting to that age where a lot of them can drive and they start following the cars.  

"I do get scared.  But at the end of the day, they are people, they aren't going to kill me...hopefully.  It's really like having a group of mates around."

But like any group of friends, not all of them are going to like the person you date.

For Mastin, that person is Home and Away star Rhiannon Fish, who he met while filming a music video.

Though the pair fell head-over-heels within a matter of weeks, a handful of fans weren't so enamoured with the love match, sending Fish death threats and hate mail.

But the singer says, while the comments hurt, they made him realise the plus side of dating someone in the same showbiz game.

"In a way, it's kind of good for me and her because we find out who the true fans are at the end of the day.

"Dating girls that aren't in the business I'm in, it throws them off a little bit.  But she gets it.  She knows that if someone writes I was hooking up with another girl on Twitter, they are probably lying," he said.

"But I still feel like I'm having two relationships at the end of the day - I'm dating Rhiannon and the Lil' Rockers as well.  It's like I have two girlfriends."

Behind Closed Doors is released this Friday.

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