Copycats better than Britney?

Britney Spears' chart-topping single Womanizer has proved a hit for the reformed queen of pop but are a series of covers of the song proving to be better then the original?

Video sharing website YouTube is brimming with assorted covers of the catchy song, ranging from those by mainstream commercial artists to unknown violin players.

Hit band the All American Rejects recently released their own kooky take on the hit song.

"Why Womanizer?" says the band's frontman Tyson Ritter at the beginning of the clip.

"Is it because of its deep political connotations?" he asks.

"No… it's because we can do it better (than Britney Spears)"

British singer Lily Allen has also tried her hand at the song.

Allen explained on her blog: "Now, some of you may be wondering why I covered Womanizer - simple really, I love Britney and I love the song."

A slightly different take is the effort by quirky French artist Sliimy who gives the song an indie makeover in this version:

But don't think you need to be a professional to get serious YouTube coverage from your Womanizer attempt.

This next video is an amalgamation of civilian singers trying a new take on the cover du jour. Armed with violins, guitars and pianos they are racing up the YouTube popularity charts with this interpretation.

And just in case you've forgotten how the original song 'a la Ms Spears' sounds - here is a refresher.

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