Bachelor NZ: 'You sacrifice your privacy' - Lara


Naz continued to dish the dirt to The Bachelor Jordan about the other girls.

The Bachelor NZ's Lara Christie said joining the reality show has required her to "sacrifice her privacy".

In addition to leaving her job, Christie said the lack of privacy that comes with the show is "starting to hit home now" after five episodes of season two.

"I did end up leaving my job but it wasn't solely for The Bachelor," she said.

Lara Christie said she applied for the reality show to "put herself out there" and find 'Mr Right'.
Tom Hollow

Lara Christie said she applied for the reality show to "put herself out there" and find 'Mr Right'.

"I had a few side projects and travel coming up too. You sacrifice a bit of your privacy which is starting to hit home now, but it's what I signed up for so I'm just taking it as it comes and not worrying about it too much."

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Christie, who was previously employed as a marketing manager at SKY TV, said the series had prompted her to "think differently" about her future.

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With 15 contestants now remaining, the race is heating up to claim the Bachelor Jordan Mauger's heart.

"I thought I would put myself out there and give it a go to potentially find Mr Right," said Christie.

"I knew he would have to be a pretty decent guy to be cast as the one and only dream man."

After watching five episodes of the reality series, Christie believes her former roommate and fellow bachelorette Naz is "petty".

"I think everyone came in with the best intentions but it appears Naz's competitive streak is prevailing over purpose," she said.

"It's pretty disappointing to watch it play. We knew she had some sass but didn't realise she would be that petty. It's not how the rest of us treated each other at all."

Christie said season one's Art Green and Matilda Rice were "proof" that love can be found in the most unlikely of places.

"It's not everyday that an opportunity like this comes along."

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