Lily Allen heading to Afghanistan

21:53, Feb 16 2009

British pop star Lily Allen is going to Afghanistan on a charity mission.

The Fear singer worries her pop star life is "vacuous" and has decided to visit the war-torn country to do some charity work and see how her donations have helped children in the region.

She told Q Radio host Samanthi: "I sometimes feel like my life is a bit empty - as ridiculous as that sounds to some people, a bit vacuous. It is pop music and people do talk about it too much and sometimes I feel like I want to have a bit more substance in my life.

"I am going to be going to Afghanistan or the Congo in a few weeks to help War Child. They want me to go there and see how the money I have earned for them in the past is being used. And that is the stuff I get really excited about."

The 24-year-old star has also confessed she can’t listen to her award-winning debut album Alright, Still.

She said: "When I listen to that record I cringe. I am five years younger on that record. I can’t bear listening to it."

Lily also spoke out about the row surrounding Everybody’s At It - a track from her new album, It’s Not You, It’s Me, which tackles drug use in Britain - insisting people have misunderstood its meaning.

She explained: "It’s not encouraging drug taking at all, in fact it says that drugs are bad, because they are bad. It’s opening up a debate really and sort of saying and no not everyone takes drugs ends up killing people or dying."


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