Monopoly gets a makeover

21:45, Jan 09 2013
Monopoly new tokens
GAME CHANGERS: The new line-up, but it will be up to Monopoly fans to decide which one, if any, joins the game.

The gig is almost up for one of the eight Monopoly tokens. But which will it be?

The Iron? Thimble? Top Hat? Or another of their board game buddies?

Hasbro is holding a Facebook contest to eliminate one of the eight tokens that identify the players and introduce a new one.

Possible new tokens include a cat, diamond ring, guitar, toy robot and helicopter.

So if you are tired of the iron token and would rather be represented by a robot, here's your chance to make those wishes known.

Facebook fans of monopoly can vote on which piece to eliminate and which one to add. The voting ends February 5.

Monopoly's iconic tokens originated when game creator Charles Darrow's niece suggested using charms from a charm bracelet for tokens.