Sheeran gets a sweat on

16:00, Jan 25 2013
ed sheeran
Singer Ed Sheeran admits to being overly sweaty as well as badly dressed.

Singer Ed Sheeran grossed out Katy Perry with his excessive perspiration.

The British Grammy-nominated musician was voted worst-dressed man of 2012 by GQ magazine.

Apparently Ed also suffers from the sweats.

The singer didn't impress Teenage Dream pop star Katy with his bedraggled shirt.

"I sweat a lot on stage and did a show in Canada," Ed said.

"I played the set, stormed it, sweated a lot, got off stage and bumped into Katy Perry. I was like, 'All right Katy Perry, how are you?'


"She said, 'I came to your show and I love your album. I was gonna give you a hug, but eeugh!' and went.

"That was my chance ruined because I sweated so much."

Ed is planning to make GQ eat its words about his poor fashion taste.

He will look dapper at the upcoming Grammy Awards in February.

"I'm going to be wearing a very posh suit to the Grammys," Ed said.

"And if I run into GQ I'm just going to stick it to them. I've got a proper tailored suit made for me.

"If I want to be smart, I can be smart, I just really don't care."

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