Posh boobs cause offence

00:51, Apr 17 2013
A Facebook page has been set up to protest against Tatler's latest cheeky feature.

The cover promises the best society breasts and inside that's exactly what the editors of Tatler serve up: Top toff knockers.

The lifestyle mag for Britain's upper class, Tatler, has caused a storm in a very classy D-cup with a tongue-in-cheek feature in its latest issue.

Titler - how long have they been sitting on that pun? - gives a bumper rundown "the most magnificent and marvellous breasts in all society", including those belonging to Nigella Lawson, Princess Eugenie, Helen Mirren and Pixie Geldof.

Tatler's rundown of classy boobs has not been to everybody's taste.

The mag has tried to distil the essence of these women's boobs with such captions as "Gothic Tits" for Helena Bonham Carter, "BFG Tits" for Roald Dahl's grand-daughter Sophie Dahl and "Ginger Tits" for model Lily Cole.

Few of of the bosoms in question are pictured bare - most are all safely contained underneath posh fabrics, with only the raciest posh breasts exposed - but nonetheless the feature has been called into question, with many labelling it "misogynistic".

A Facebook page and Twitter account has been set up to protest Tatler's naked objectification of women's breasts. No to Titler at Tatler argues that "characterising respected women's 'tits' is demeaning, degrading and will not be tolerated!!"


Louise Mensch, a former Conservative MP whose busy Twitter account has seen her labelled "Twittter Tits" by the magazine, angrily tweeted:

So, Tatler with lead feature "Titler: Big Society Tits" in which I feature as "Tweeting Tits". Please don't edit magazines drunk. #feminism

Featuring a bunch of women in public lifeas "X Tits" is for some misogynist rag like Vice, not for a woman's mag, however childish/snobby.

What's odd is that the society mag has been objectifying posh women since its inception, ogling over the bodies of princesses, It Girls and general posh young things in picture spread after picture spread. Perhaps the mag wants to be the posh version of The Sun, whose Page 3 has been exposing working-class tits for years.

The feature also appears in the same issue as Tatler celebrates Britain's first Black Marchioness - one step forward, one step back.