Meet the Pippa of Thatcher's funeral

03:28, Apr 18 2013
Amanda Thatcher
Amanda Thatcher's good looks became the focus of attention at the grand service for her grandmother.

There are several things you don't expect to hear at a funeral, especially at the funeral of Margaret Thatcher. "This event is in desperate need of a Pippa Middleton" would be one of them.

But the British Press, aided by social media, has turned Thatcher's grand-daughter into just that: funeral totty.

Reading from the King James version of Ephesians chapter 6, the 19-year-old American college student warned against "the rulers of the darkness of this world" and "spiritual wickedness in high places" and called on believers to "put on the whole armour of God".

Pippa Middleton

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Appropriate words to mark the passing of the Iron Lady, but for some the words fell on deaf ears; if the flood of tweets on #amandathatcher are anything to go by they were too busy going, "Cor, look at her! She's sexy! Just like Pippa."

The photos and headlines on news websites seemed to confirm that Amanda is Pippa 2.0 - a beautiful, posh young woman who has the power to take bored minds off a dreary event.


Although her reading did her grandmother proud, what singled her out in viewers minds is that she was by far the most photo-friendly person among the mourners: Blond, young, fresh-faced, and wearing a stylish black suit and hat; the American accent sealed the deal. 

Around her was a soggy herd of political dinosaurs and crusty media types. The only person who came close to stealing her thunder was Britain's weeping Tory Chancellor, George Osbourne. Close up footage of his tears for his political idol made him a hot topic on Twitter.

weepy osborne now taking over from foxy granddaughter as the Pippa Factor of this funeral

Amanda Thatcher, who is the daughter of Thatcher's son Mark, is a student at the University of Richmond in Virginia; She was voted "most likely to change the world" at her high school and now with the Mail now elevating her to Pippa status, it's possible she might - she could be the first person to write a book on how to hold the perfect wake.