Kiwi staple Weber Bros Circus makes welcome return

Weber Bros Circus arrives in Hamilton.

Weber Bros Circus arrives in Hamilton.

Review: The is the scent of popcorn, bags of candy floss, a variety of slushies and colourful spinners and staffs.

You know you've arrived at the circus.

Weber Bros Circus has pitched their tent in Hamilton after six years touring around the world.

Americus and Kiarnna Weber from Weber Bros Circus.
Emma James

Americus and Kiarnna Weber from Weber Bros Circus.

Their performance was anticipated by the young children and their parents as they approached the entrance of the ring.

A circus is an event best enjoyed with all the bells and whistles and hardly anyone could refuse a stop at one of these stations.

I went on a Friday night, the second show after Wednesday's opening night was postponed to Thursday.

It started promptly at 7.30pm, and from the first energetic, neon performance I knew it would be a brilliant evening.

The show is aptly called Adrenaline, but there is also humour, amazement and breathtaking moments.

Weber Bros has combined traditional circus stunts such as the human cannonball, with modern spectacles like an laser light illusion.

The very first human cannonball was launched in 1877, no doubt to some terror or excitement.

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Weber Bros' take on the stunt provided the same reactions.

It is one thing to hear about a human cannonball but to witness a man ejected from one before your eyes is another.

Same goes for the final act, in which FMX (Freestyle Motocross) riders zip around the Globe of Death, a mesh sphere ball.

I could not tell who in the audience were more thrilled: the children or the adults.

I have not been to a circus since I was very young and enjoyed the evening more now than I did then.

The magic, the wonder, the lighting, the costumes, the acrobatics, the humour, were something to be in awe of.

I was oohing and aahing throughout it all, clapping whilst I picked at my candy floss, calling out and participating louder than I expected.

I cannot think of performers more deserving of the applause.

If you've seen the mysterious white tent erected near The Base but haven't had the chance to step inside, there is still time to grab your tickets before it disembarks on Sunday, March 26.

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