Blu-ray review: The Wolverine

03:40, Jan 22 2014
The Wolverine
The Wolverine

The Wolverine (M)

That's exactly what screenplay writers Mark Bomback and Scott Frank delivered under director James Mangold in The Wolverine.

There's no much to this movie really.

Hugh Jackman is back as the title character, the super human wolfman known as Wolverine, whose story unfolds mostly Japan.

To say why he goes there would spoil the plot of this film, but you just know he'll run across all sorts of Japanese martial arts experts who will do their very utmost to kill him.

That, pretty much, is at the heart of this movie.

To be honest I expected a massive clunker - I could hardly get through the last Wolverine movie X-men Origins: Wolverine - but didn't get it. It is what it is, however - an X-Men movie set in Japan with all the trappings you would expect of that.

Fun enough, but not the greatest cinema out.