Watch: Neil Finn live webcast


Neil Finn invites fans today at 10am into his studio for a live webcast. The Crowded House frontman is set to release his third solo record following, Try Whistling This and One Nil (or One All).

He will answer questions sent via Google+ and Twitter with the hashtag: #NeilFinnLive.

Co-produced by Dave Fridmann (Mercury Rev, The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala) Dizzy Heights was recorded between Finn's Roundhead studio in Auckland and Fridmann's Tarbox studio in upstate New York.

"I didn't want to make it a solo record in a stripped back singer-songwriter sort of way," says Finn. "I had a feeling Dave would be good at adding some odd shapes to the music. Which I always welcome - making things a little more expansive. He is good at subverting things, and making things sound a bit messed up and not as obvious, rather than being too tasteful, which is always a temptation."

The album is led by a short film for  the first single Divebomber.

The film was made by Finn, after some images taken from the window of a plane abutted with footage of kids jumping into the sea in Greece. These grainy images play over the whirl of Divebomber a song inspired by the World War II film of the same name.

Dizzy Heights is out on 10 February.