Grammys' best moments in GIFs

At yesterday's Grammys our eyes were all on our girl Lorde. But there were so many golden moments we shall not forget. Here's a collection of the best GIFs from the show.

When Alicia Keys announced the winner for the category Best Album, Taylor Swift - and every one around her - thought she made it.

But instead French electro popsters Daft Punk's Random Access took the crown and not Swift's album Red. Settle down, everybody, settle down.

But this wasn't the only moment all Swift entertained. Her performance of All Too Well (rumoured to be about her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhall) was skillful and heartfelt. Untill she added a bit of a head-banging before it got all too soppy.

Swift was also up to bust a move or two...

...several times...

But the singer wasn't the only celebrity dancing awkwardly. Another highlight was Steven Tyler breaking it down to Daft Punk.

And let's not forget Yoko Ono who couldn't resist dancing to Daft Punk's Get Lucky.

Katy Perry set the stage on fire with her witchery performance. Literally.

One of the most memorable performances was Pink's high flying Cirque du Solei number... which she also did some interessting gymnastics with a very handsome man.

...but (apart from our Lorde of course) the winners of the night were Daft Punk. Let's give the robots a round of applause.