Goss mags: Keisha puts love on the line for career

KEISHA MORRISON: 'the reality is, it's a lot harder than the dream.'
KEISHA MORRISON: 'the reality is, it's a lot harder than the dream.'

Actor Keisha Morrison, who as Keisha Castle-Hughes starred in the movie Whale Rider, is heading back to Los Angeles to have another go at breaking into the big time.

She is leaving husband-of-a-year Jonathan (Jono) Morrison, maybe until Christmas, to head to the US indefinitely, Woman's Day reported.

Oscar-nominated Keisha, 23, considered giving up acting after she and 26-year-old sales representative Jono had to come home from LA last year after finding work proved tough.

After rushing into marriage a year ago, the couple had flown straight to Hollywood. Keisha had 50 auditions but work was hard to come by. The pair ended up broke and were forced to return home, deflated and despondent.

"It was so humbling," Keisha said. They moved in with Jono's parents, then sat down to look at where they wanted to be in five years.

"We'd never really had those conversations before," Jono said. "Instead, we had delusions of grandeur. But the reality is, it's a lot harder than the dream."

"For the first time in my life, I considered quitting acting," Keisha said. "I thought, 'this is a ridiculous career choice. It's time for you to grow up and get a real job.'"

Jono, had been adamant.

"Keisha hasn't acted professionally for a year, so I know for her spirit she needs to get in front of the camera again because it's a huge release, both emotionally and mentally," he said.

Jono plans to be with Keisha by Christmas and the couple are confident their love will survive the separation.

New Idea is not so sure that celebrity couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, both 46, can keep their relationship going, given all the time they have to spend apart.

Musician Urban's US touring commitments have clashed with actor Kidman's filming schedule in Morocco.

"Nicole and Keith are facing the biggest test to their marriage yet, and the separations are getting harder and harder," a friend said.

"They love each other but their nightmare schedules are keeping them apart, and the constant travelling to meet up is placing a huge pressure on them."

When Urban flew to Morocco, by the time he got over his jet lag he had to pack up and fly back to the US, the friend said.

"Everyone's worried they're painting themselves into a corner where they'll have to choose between their marriage and their careers.

Also feeling the strain of separation, according to Woman's Day, is the Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince William, 31, who had been unable to make it to a Middleton family holiday in the Caribbean with Kate and baby George earlier this month, did find time to go hunting in Spain.

Among those also on the trip were Prince Harry and Jecca Craig, 31, who William had dated as a teen.

Kate, 32, was "miffed" at not being invited along, a pal said.

"Kate thought it was a boys' weekend, so when she found out Jecca was there, she was not pleased at all. She knows there's nothing romantic between them any more, but she felt very left out being stuck at home with the baby all weekend. It has certainly caused some tension."

Days after William returned from the weekend jaunt, Kate had attended a charity fundraiser at the National Portrait Gallery. She had looked radiant in a silk tulle Jenny Packham gown. She also wore a dazzling necklace lent to her by the Queen.

"The Queen is thrilled that her jewels are being worn again and by someone so beautiful. It's all part of the overall plan to make Kate appear as regal as possible," a royal source said.

Kate's sister Pippa Middleton, 30, is having man troubles of her own.

Once dubbed her royal hotness, Pippa was seen visibly upset as she walked alone to a London cafe, New Zealand Woman's Weekly reported.

Her eyes were puffy, with prominent bags, behind trendy glasses, and she was dressed head-to-toe in sombre black.

A few days earlier she had attended a friend's wedding without her boyfriend 36-year-old stockbroker Nico Jackson, sparking talk the couple's year-long relationship was in trouble.

Weeks earlier they had seemed blissfully happy together, and there was speculation he had proposed to her during a holiday in India in December.

A celebrity marriage well past saving continues to cause flare ups, as the Weekly reports.

Television chef Nigella Lawson, 54, and What Not to Wear star Trinny Woodall, 50, have crossed virtual swords.

Woodall has taken up with Charles Saatchi, 70, who split with Lawson after he was pictured with his hands around Lawson's throat at a London restaurant.

Now, in an article for website High 50 - for those at the half century mark - Woodall has written: "It's great that, at 50, life can still grab you by the throat, and shake you up." The comment is seen to be a reference to Saatchi's throttling of Lawson.

Shortly after, Lawson shared a recipe on Twitter for "slut's spaghetti".

"Slut's spaghetti - aka pasta alla puttanesca - is recipe of the day. Do I need to say anything more?"

An hour later Lawson added: "Folks: no agenda behind recipe of the day! Slut's spaghetti is an old fave of mine." Not everyone is convinced.