January Jones shows off epic mullet

22:26, Feb 23 2014

You know how people post #throwback photos on social media and they are usually either super cute or super flattering. But then there's that other category when the photo of someone's past self is so awkward that it's awe inspiring how that person has transformed?

Well January Jones has aced the the third category, posting a photo of her nine year-old self to Instagram over the weekend. It's incredible. The buck teeth! The mullet! The rainbow shirt! I love all of it.

Especially when you consider how this cheeky scamp, who you can just imagine getting into all sort of knee scraping, tree climbing trouble, is basically the opposite of her cold as ice, beautifully put-together character of Betty Francis (previously Draper) on Mad Men.

As Refinery 29 pointed out, she definitely wasn't a Sally Draper, way too cool for her own good, in her formative years. She was just your goofy best friend next door.

If this doesn't make all the January haters who think of her as "cold" and "stand-offish" soften their stance toward her, then I don't know what more she can do. 

And little January Jones, kudos to you for never stopping believing.

-Daily Mail