Travolta blunder inspires app

It was the gaffe that inspired a thousand internet jokes.

Now John Travolta's mispronunciation of actress Idina Menzel's name at the Academy Awards has inspired a widget that'll do the same with your own name.

The 60-year-old Grease actor was the subject of online mockery after he blundered through his introduction of Frozen actress Idina Menzel's performance of the Oscar-winning song Let It Go from Disney film Frozen.

On stage at the 86th Academy awards, Travolta introduced Idina Menzel as what sounds like "Adele Darzeen".

The internet has since been abuzz with questions and comments.

Website Slate now has an online tool designed to Travoltify your name and has promoted the generator with "you're no one until you've had your name mangled by a confused, squinting John Travolta."

John Smith becomes Jan Smoith, Brad Pitt is Boyd Pay-ne, and Angelie Jolie is hilariously transformed into Alana Jerkson.

There's also a Twitter parody account Adela Dazeem, who tweeted: THANK YOU, JORN TROMOLTO!

The quick-thinking entertainment industry has jumped on board and is using Travolta's embarrassing gaffe in promotional pieces for a couple of shows featuring Menzel.

The actor has issued a statement apologising for his mistake.

"I've been beating myself up all day," he said.

"Then I thought, what would Idina Menzel say? She'd say, Let it go, let it go'."