President Obama says Ellen's Oscar selfie was a 'cheap stunt'

01:41, Mar 21 2014
Obama Ellen
SATELLITE: US President Barack Obama in a preview of his appearance on Ellen, where they compared Twitter followings and talked tattoos.

Ellen is set to interview US President Barack Obama via satellite on her show today, (will he get a car!? will there be dancing?!) and thanks be to the world there is a preview of the interview on the internet already. President Obama is following up his winning performance on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifinakis to talk about signing up for Obamacare.

Ellen gave lots of gentle and respectful (the man is the president of the free world after-all) ribbing to Obama about the fact that her famous Oscar celebrity sandwich has overtaken Obama's "four more years" post-election tweet as the most re-tweeted tweet ever. "A cheap stunt", according to Obama.

Obama also captured the day-time TV crowd's hearts and minds when he said that it made him sad that his teenage daughters didn't want to spend much time with him anymore, but that they were smart, kind girls (of course they are, look at the family of origin!) who still loved him and patted him on the head when they walked past. They just don't find him that interesting anymore (what does a man have to do!)

Ellen also brought up the amazing story of how Barack and Michelle Obama plan to stop their daughters getting tattoos - if the girls ever do, Barack and Michelle will get the same tattoo in the exact same place and take a photo. We're guessing that would then become the world's most re-tweeted tweet. 


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