Webster wife-killing now a TV drama

THE WIDOWER: Reece Shearsmith plays murderer Malcom Webster.
THE WIDOWER: Reece Shearsmith plays murderer Malcom Webster.

Notorious wife-killer Malcolm Webster is having his crimes brought to life in a British miniseries – with the help of his New Zealand victim, who managed to escape him.

The first of the three-part "factual drama", called The Widower, was aired on ITV in the UK last week.

The series will also be coming to New Zealand screens later this year.

A TVNZ spokeswoman confirmed it had bought the miniseries and planned to air it sometime this year on TV One.

Webster, 54, was convicted in May 2011 of murdering his then wife, Claire Morris, 32, in a staged car crash in 1994 and fraudulently claiming insurance policies after her death.

He drugged Morris, before driving their car off the road and setting fire to it while she lay unconscious inside.

It was initially ruled an accidental death, but was uncovered as a murder when he tried to do the same thing in New Zealand five year later with his pregnant second wife, Auckland woman Felicity Drumm.

She did not die. Instead, Drumm recovered to find he had emptied their savings account and fled back to Scotland to attempt to marry a third woman, hospital executive Simone Banerjee, 41, in Oban.

Both Drumm and Banerjee testified at Webster's trial and also acted as advisers to the producers of The Widower, the Daily Mail reported

After the court case in 2011 Drumm said not only had Webster almost taken her life, but he had left her penniless as well. 

"Malcolm left me with nothing. I simply can't afford to divorce him," she told a UK newspaper.

"I have had to start my life from scratch again. I just don't have the money to pay legal fees and costs to divorce him.

"Malcolm has always been like that with money. Whenever he gets it, it's gone. That's why he has moved on to different women."

The second part of the miniseries aired last night (UK time), while the third will be shown next week.

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