Review: Jeremy Elwood's Notes

22:32, May 14 2013
Jeremy Elwood:

Jeremy Elwood's Notes
The Foxglove Ballroom, Welington, May 14

Can't say I expected to have my brain working during a comedy show. Normally it's just relaxing over a beer, switching the brain off and (hopefully) trying not to pee from laughing.

Elwood is a comedian I've watched on tele for years and years. Those times he was one of a number of comedians taking to the stage.

Last night was the first time I've seen him in the flesh. Elwood, and only Elwood.

...It was surprising.

His routine focuses around the notes that he uses to prepare for shows. He explains some are easier to remember than others and then uses them to lead into some of the hilarious, yet insightful bits of comedy that we Kiwis love. Call them rants, if you will.

Part way through the show you'll realise you're putting a bit of thought into what Elwood is saying. Then comes the realisation that what you're laughing at is kind of true, only this comedian shows how stupid it all is (by the way, Colin Craig and Aaron Gilmore might not want to attend these gigs).

Is Elwood our thinking woman's crumpet? Could be ...

While a couple of bits of this show sound familiar, Elwood still provides a good number of laughs. He is a solid Kiwi comedian and when he's on fire you'll be gasping for breath.