Couch Potato

05:00am 24 Dec 2014 Back when I was a youngster there was no such thing as the internet. The only computer we had at home was a ZX Spectrum 48k on which we incessantly played Manic Miner.

Reading Is Bliss

What I'm grateful for as a reader

05:00am 23 Dec 2014  This is it, folks...'tis the season, the countdown is nearly at zero and Christmas (plus 2015), is just around the corner. I'm not usually a fan of gratitude lists. They feel too contrived, as if life is only worth living due to its sometimes rare moments of joy. But hey, 'tis the season.

Blog on the Tracks

My top 15 albums of 2014

06:57am 24 Dec 2014  Following on from yesterday's long ( long ) list here are the Top 15 albums of 2014 - my favourites, the albums that I've raved about - and then returned to. These weren't just written up and then I moved on. I kept coming back to these albums - or found it hard to move on from them in any way. These are the albums that moved me and moved with me - the meant the most to me, that racked up the most listens. And yes, in case there was any confusion, these were not mentioned in the long list. (Click on the links to read my full review of each album).

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