Blog on the Tracks

06:20am 26 Nov 2014 Summer Albums - that's still a thing right? We don't talk of autumn albums (I always think Nick Cave's album The Boatman's Call would be/is a mighty fine autumn record) and there's never talk of spring albums or winter albums but the idea/l of a "Summer Album" still stands. Well it does for me.

Reading Is Bliss

Re-reading the books you loved as children

11:40am 31 Oct 2014  I re-read Anne of Green Gables the other day. It was more a quick skim read than a leisurely thumbing of the pages, but it was enough to make me recall why I had loved the whole "Anne" series so much as a child

Couch Potato

Why Netflix leaves me underwhelmed

12:41pm 25 Nov 2014  Had Netflix announced a year ago they were coming to New Zealand I would have probably run down the road screaming and shouting, breathlessly telling all and sundry that finally we had joined the 21st Century.

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