Couch Potato

09:00am 04 Sep 2015 I try to think of myself as somewhat level-headed. Passionate, for sure, but never angry for no reason and certainly never deliberately nasty to anyone.

Reading Is Bliss

The link between dating and dystopias

05:00am 24 Aug 2015  I have been reading a lot of stroppy feminist writing lately, which I am rather enjoying. The latest is Rebecca Solnit's Men Explain Things to Me - the title is self-explanatory. I guess this roughly segues into today's blog dating is like dystopian fiction. 

Blog on the Tracks

Guest Blog: The night I stole Paul Kelly’s rider in Atlanta, Georgia

02:44pm 01 Sep 2015  This week the inmates are running the asylum. You'll remember I offered readers the chance to Right This Blog!   So for our final entry, and a fine way to close off the week, robjones tells us about the night he stole Paul Kelly's rider in Atlanta, George. My thanks to robjones for this - and to all the other guest-bloggers from last Friday and through this week.

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