Couch Potato

08:00am 17 Apr 2015 HBO's Silicon Valley was one of my surprise hits of last year - it wasn't perfect and they definitely had some issues with their portrayal of women but there was more funny in one episode than lots of shows can muster in a season.

Reading Is Bliss

Letters I love

11:03am 27 Mar 2015  I love reading letters. In whatever format they now come in - emails, super long text messages, old-fashioned typed or handwritten letters posted in the mail, sealed with a kiss and a promise, letters are often humanity's way of either making sense of the crazy world we live in, or to make contact with the people who matter most.

Blog on the Tracks

You hum it son, I'll play it

08:27am 17 Apr 2015  Three years ago I asked you all to come up with the headlines for my deadline s . It went well - a bit of a change, not quite the week off that the guest blogs offer, but interesting to turn up and know what you're supposed to write about each day; certainly made a change for me.

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