Blog on the Tracks

07:40am 30 Jul 2014 I found out that Manic Street Preachers fans are a bit of a nutty bunch when I reviewed the band's new album, Futurology . Tin-eared lot too, obviously. I mean this album just sounds utterly absurd in places - check out Sex, Power, Love and Money - there's just no way a song like that, if you can call it a song, could ever be on an album that people are considering among the year's best.

Reading Is Bliss

Holiday reading

08:46am 25 Jul 2014  I am writing this blog post while in the middle of whirlwind last-minute packing for a trip. That's right, folks, I'm off on holiday for three weeks - to exotic, hopefully book-filled shores. I've packed my Kindle, my precious preview copy of David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks (out September, but already long-listed for this year's Man Booker Prize), and a nose for hunting out good bookshops.

Couch Potato

Negative? Me? Have some positivity!

11:03am 25 Jul 2014  I know because I’m just an image at the top of the page to you all, some of you feel you can criticise with impunity.

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