Blog on the Tracks

10:12am 26 Jan 2015 I'm excited about Andrew Fagan's current tour - it started before Christmas, then a few days off and now back into it. Wellington will see the final show in fact.

Reading Is Bliss

What books should make it to my 2015 list?

05:00am 23 Jan 2015  The New Year has rolled round a lot faster than I anticipated. My short break consisted of less reading than I would have liked, interspersed with many periods of sinful sloth, cat bonding, wine drinking, and watching a copious amount of Very Bad TV (Exhibit A: Marco Polo - it's so memorable that I had to go back and check the name). 

Couch Potato

The future of television is here and now

09:18am 23 Jan 2015  Television has changed so much in the last few years it's almost folly to try and imagine where we're going to be in another decade.

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