Blog on the Tracks

11:45pm 30 Jul 2015 Okay, it's a hypothetical - what album would you/could you write a book about? - but it comes from a specific place, a real thing; it comes from the announcement that the latest open call for submissions in the 33 1/3 series has been closed off .

Reading Is Bliss

The myth of girls who like boy books

01:20pm 19 Jun 2015  I am a girl who likes boy books. That is, I am a girl who likes to read fiction that are traditionally considered male - sci-fi, fantasy, horror and speculative fiction - to name a few. Many of my female friends also fall into this category. 

Couch Potato

Bogans is loud, proud and unsurprising

09:45am 31 Jul 2015  The long, unkempt hair. The black jeans and boots. The faded heavy metal t-shirt under a leather biking jacket. And the attitude.

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