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06:07am 21 Oct 2014 Over the weekend I watched The Trip To Italy (a sequel to The Trip). As a Friday-night-on-the-couch movie it had its moments but it was a largely inferior (often desperate) sequel. It even decided, in the most ham-fisted way, to reference its sequel status in the opening minutes - the characters discussing sequels never quite living up to the original, mention of Godfather II was even dismissed as being the obvious answer when looking for an exception to the rule.

Reading Is Bliss

Reading more than one book at a time

11:18am 17 Oct 2014  I can be a fickle reader, and by that, I mean that I don't have a hell of a lot of patience for stories that don't grab my attention. I get that there are some books that are a slow burn, but if there isn't something that captures my interest in the first chapter or so - a character, an intriguing plot point, effervescent language...if it's missing that mystical, magical literary fairy dust - I'm gone, like a trophy wife the minute the divorce papers are signed. 

Couch Potato

Truth, justice and so many television shows

10:49am 17 Oct 2014  Today we must deal with a genre of television that is seemingly ubiquitous. You know what it is...

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