Couch Potato

09:00am 03 Jul 2015 As much as Netflix and its ilk have provided unparalleled access to content for those of us with serious viewing habits, it is not without its issues.

Reading Is Bliss

The myth of girls who like boy books

01:20pm 19 Jun 2015  I am a girl who likes boy books. That is, I am a girl who likes to read fiction that are traditionally considered male - sci-fi, fantasy, horror and speculative fiction - to name a few. Many of my female friends also fall into this category. 

Blog on the Tracks

Devilskin – as ghastly as they come

10:21am 06 Jul 2015  Last week I watched the Devilskin Live at the Powerstation DVD and listened to the accompanying live CD - I don't feel any smarter for doing so. I feel a lot dirtier. But hey, as the story so often goes, I do this so you don't have to. 

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