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06:34am 05 Mar 2015 The other day I had a chat with Anthonie Tonnon (his new album, his first as solo artist, is out tomorrow and it's filled with great songs) and we got to talking about economy in songwriting, the ideas around narrative, songs that seem to be stuffed with back-story, but done in a subtle, stirring way. There are certain songs where you are aware of more that's happened - or happening - and yet it's not some overly wordy, complicated, 37-verse bardic shambles.

Reading Is Bliss

Book review: The Chimes

05:00am 23 Feb 2015  Every now and again, as a reader, you come across a book that makes you sit up and pay attention. While I'm no cynic, it is rare for me to find the type of story where you think, the entire time you're reading it, that this is really something special - something that hasn't been tried before.

Couch Potato

Last Man on Earth - a trope too far?

08:00am 04 Mar 2015  When I was younger I had this recurring dream where I was the last person on earth. Or at least the last person in the tiny village in Scotland where I grew up.

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