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06:14am 02 Sep 2014 There aren't many people in the music world more reviled than Sting . The obvious contender is Bono - Phil Collins probably too...but Sting has a special kind of hatred reserved, seemingly just for him. Maybe that's because he was very good - and then became really quite awful.

Reading Is Bliss

Trafficking teeth and other cool things

10:42am 28 Aug 2014  One of the best parts of writing this blog is the opportunity to meet and "interview" some of my favourite authors. I use quotation marks because really, I'm very aware that I'm just a fan girl who lucked out.

Couch Potato

Emmys a bigger joke than The Big Bang Theory

12:11pm 27 Aug 2014  I used to love the Emmys. Back in the day it was aspirational - all of those award-winning television shows we'd eventually get to see on our screens. Usually about a year or two later.

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