Couch Potato

09:00am 24 Apr 2015 There are times when writing about television is an easy thing to do. A brilliant show can make you weep with joy on to your keyboard, a bad show allows you to really flex those brain cells with opportunities for derision.

Reading Is Bliss

Suffering from reader's block

09:31am 23 Apr 2015  I have just been unable to read lately. A series of life stresses have taken their toll, and I find myself stuck in that most unenviable of positions for avid readers - the reader's block.

Blog on the Tracks

Egos on a selfie stick: Top 10 most egotistical musicians

08:08am 24 Apr 2015  The topic for today comes from Dave (not Doug) he called for Egos on a Selfie Stick, requesting "the Top Ten most egotistical musicians that ever deigned to grace a stage with their unparalleled presence" and he asked for supporting quotes. I asked for subjects this time last week , it's been a week of pre-chosen blog topics. We finish, in a way, back where we started , for this topic has to mention Kanye West . Right?

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