You choose the fan-fiction topic, I'll write it

I'd happily call this my dumbest idea yet for/on Blog On The Tracks but I'm sure you'll quickly remind me of the rival options. But, in an attempt to engage you and to embarrass myself, to buy a week's worth of ideas and change the flow of the blog for a few days, I'm asking for you to make suggestions for music fan-fiction situations. 

If you know the wonderful Jim'll Paint It then I'm suggesting something along those lines. Well, kinda.

Some of you may remember, about three years ago now (or perhaps you'd hoped to forget) I had a go at writing about Billy Corgan, positioning him in Havelock North. I imagined he had arrived in Hawke's Bay's most arrogant town, the "winner" of an Artist in Residence role. He had to give a talk or two, write a book, record an album with a local pick-up band. Now, quite why I did this is anyone's guess - it either came to me in a bizarre, stupid dream. Or worse, it was the result of hungover day-dreaming in front of a Saturday morning reality TV marathon - back in the days before I was a parent. Obviously.

I've just pushed both parts of that Corgan story together, labelling it now the short story, The Adventures of Billy Corgan - Artist in Residence. So you can check it out if you need/want a reminder or didn't read it the first time.

There were some pretty disgruntled readers from memory. What was I trying to do and how dare I and so on.

Well, I thought you could pick the situation - pick the musician and provide a basic sketch of where you imagine them to be, outline a few points you want covered and I'll have a go at writing up five separate pieces to appear here next week.

Good idea?

Of course not.

But it's only going to cost us our time. Right? Right?

So leave you suggestion below.

Also if you're interested in actually "winning" something - here's a chance to win tickets to see Joshua Redman in Wellington at the upcoming Jazz Festival. An easy question to answer when you click on that link and you're in with a chance for a double-pass to what should certainly be one of the highlights of the festival.

Have a great weekend.

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