Jack White's new album

21:55, Jun 05 2014

The last time Jack White released a solo album was the first time. I didn't care much for his debutsolo album, Blunderbuss, and I told you all with a track-by-track; it seemed to baffle and annoy the fans. How dare I take the piss and/or have an opinion on Sacred Jack. 

Well maybe I need to mention that some of the things Jack White has been involved in have been okay - like the album his second ex-wife released. Good record that. It's been a long time since I listened to Loretta Lynn's Van Lear Rose but I liked that at the time; Jack White played on the record and produced. Maybe someone else might have done a better job - but he didn't do a bad job. I liked that record. And though I was never a huge fan of The White Stripes and it was always a love/hate thing at best I did catch myself snapping the fingers to the odd nearly-a-tune from that band. I was a bit of a fan of the Get Behind Me Satan record; their best, or at least their most interesting.

So now Jack White has a new record, Lazaretto.

I don't have a track-by-track this time, although I talk about nearly all of the tracks in my review - I can do you one better, here you go, hot off the press, my review of Jack White's new album.

What did you think? Have you heard the album? Will you be buying? Can Jack White do no wrong? Or has he in fact just done that? What are your thoughts on Lazaretto?

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