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Last updated 12:05 10/06/2014

I'm always thinking of themes/ideas for a DJ set - for an evening playing records. I'm not a DJ as such, just someone with a record collection - and a small child (meaning a few extra dollars can always be handy, but more so meaning that playing records at home isn't always easy these days).Covers

So when the newly refurbished/reopened San Fran approached me about an idea for a regular night I wanted to both appeal to their audience - some great craft beers up there now (locals and imports) - as well as making what is hopefully a fun evening for me. Something I want to do rather than just a job.

So next Thursday sees the first in what I hope is an ongoing series called Off The Tracks has Got It Covered.

Regular readers here will know that the cover version and discussions around covers vs. originals is a recurring subject; a regular topic. Most recently I talked about the hankering to find the original after falling in love with the cover.

So this DJ set will be about playing some of those favourite covers, some of the best covers. It offers, I think, a lot of scope. Open to all labels, eras, genres and there'll be the chance to play some of the same cover versions on different evenings, placing them in a new space each time. Also, there are just some songs that really lend themselves to, well, being borrowed (and often improved).

I'm a fan of the Bee Gees song, I've Gotta Get A Message To You and though I like the original version there are some great covers - Percy SledgeDusty Springfield, Swamp Dogg, Tim Rose...

DJThat's the power of a good song - of great writing. In fact a lot of Bee Gees songs work well when covered, and I say that not because I'm not a fan of the band, simply because they wrote some great tunes.

And though the odd "Novelty Cover" will have its place in any night like this I want to play songs I like, and versions of songs I like - by artists I like.

It should be pretty good I reckon - perfect music-nerd stuff, craft beer and cover versions. Right?

The Facebook page/invite has already seen some discussion, people dropping links to some of their favourite covers, so check that out if you like.

What cover versions would you suggest for a night like this? And does it sound like the sort of thing you'd be keen to attend?

The first is next Thursday, June 19, San Fran, Cuba St, 8pm-11pm (or later...)

Oh, and if anyone is interested here's my setlist from the weekend's Jazz Festival DJ set at San Fran.

Postscript: Very sad to wake up to read about the death of Rik Mayall. Of course you will beThe People's Poetinundated with tribute pieces but here's mine. I link to it here because as I once said on Blog On The Tracks The Young Ones was of profound influence. And I even made up my own playlist version of what could have been a Young Ones TV series soundtrack. I loved that show. And so much of what Rik Mayall did. He created wonderful, frightening -  very real - characters. Also - sad news deserves Bad News. And More Bad News.

R.I.P. Rik Mayall

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