Child is Father of the Man

We had parent-teacher interviews last night - for the daycare facility Oscar attends a couple of times a week. He's two and a half. One of the teachers told us that he had been singing Love Me Do to Oscar since O is pretty well obsessed with The Beatles - you might remember I told you about how that all started.

So this guy's singing Love Me Do and Oscar says to him, "Please Please Me, track eight". Disturbing. And spot on.

I figure at this point it's all memory, practice, retention - and yes, I'm having flashbacks to when I was three/four/five years old...but hey. That's okay.

My mother asked me recently when this music fad is going to end. She wasn't talking about Oscar though. She was talking about me. That was a sad day.

The other day Oscar asked for "some drums" - meaning drum-music - and when I told him I'd put on the new Buddy Rich collection of drum solos - a whole CD of just the solos, it's great for driving around town - he said, "no, I don't want Buddy Rich - I want Gene Krupa!"

I still have my mother's copy of Buddy Rich's Big Swing Face LP. That and Abbey Road were two of the first albums that introduced me to drums - to drumming as a feature within music.

Postscript: Speaking of sad day - Teenie Hodges passed away - it's going to be a whole day of listening to Al Green today.

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