Let's (not) Talk About Love

23:20, Jul 15 2014

It's my birthday today. Same time every year. Way back in the first year of this blog I wrote about birthday music and then a couple of years ago I mentioned it again because I share my birthday with Stewart Copeland. But most times the birthday rolls around and I just roll out another blog post, something about The Rolling Stones or favourite heavy metal albums or whatever.

Today I'm planning as much of a day off as I can.

I'm going to dive into reading the expanded edition of Carl Wilson's Let's Talk About Love. A birthday present via a Kindle voucher from my brother. I'd read the first version of the book when it started life as part of the 33 1/3 series. It's the first from that collection - and I've read most of them - to be expanded, to step up and away from the series as a standalone. The book isn't actually about Celine Dion's album, rather it uses Dion and her album Let's Talk About Love as a way of exploring taste, the idea of taste, the thought that hell is other people's music.

And I'll be spending the day with my good buddy Oscar. My two and a half year old son. We'll probably go and see the balloons one more time at the City Gallery. We'll return some CDs to the library and I'm going to get a copy of Celine Dion's Let's Talk About Love album to listen to while I read the new version of the book - I have never heard the album. I figure, this time, I should give it a go. Might report back on that another time.

Also my folks are in town. So Osc and I will be showing them around Wellington. I'm pretty lucky to be spending the day with my son and my parents. We'll argue a bit - it's a sort of sport in our family, really. And then we'll have a nice meal. The outlaws are coming down for that too. So a nice family affair. There won't actually be a lot of music today, a bit of The Beatles in the car - Oscar's favourites in the car are Rubber Soul and A Hard Day's Night. But beyond that music will very much take the backseat today.

I'll wade through a few Facebook messages and be staggered that people thought at all to comment - even though it's just a habit we Facebook users all fall into.

Of course I'm actually kidding myself to think I'll read very much of my new book at all. But hey.

And then I'll choose a few favourite records to put on during dinner. No one else at the table will care about them. But they'll care enough about me to let me have my little whim.

As this isn't really much of a post - and I'm calling it about as close to a day off as I ever have I thought I'd share a few recent reviews with you. Here's the latest handful of good albums I've heard and liked and said stuff about.

Cheers and have a great day.

Recommended recent listening:

The Cakekitchen, Calm Before The Storm

Vermont, Vermont

Eno & Hyde, High Life

Backsliders, Dark Side

Tycho, Awake

Lee Fields & The Expressions, Emma Jean

Roland Brown, The Adventures of a Small Town Witch

Stuart McCallum, The Ultimate Form

Woo, When The Past Arrives

V/A, Boyhood soundtrack

Mary Gauthier, Trouble & Love

V/A, Wheedle's Groove Vol. II 1972-1987

Buffalo Killers, Heavy Reverie

Horace Andy, Get Wise

Bradford Cox, Teenage soundtrack

DJ Supermarkt, Too Slow To Disco

Christoph El' Truento, Stacking Blocks Made of Real Life Happenings

So that's the last week in positive album reviews. Plenty of great stuff there I reckon. Anything you like the sound of? What's been your new favourite album of late?

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