Planet Key

22:51, Aug 03 2014

Today Darren Watson has released a brand new single, Planet Key. You can click there to watch the video and hear the song - and here's a link to buy the track.

This is a standalone single, Watson has a new album in the works (due in a couple of months) but Planet Key is separate from that album, it won't appear on the new record. It's sung in first-person and lampoons our current Prime Minister's fabled state house upbringing. It's also got the impeccable groove and great playing that Watson is known for (Darren Mathiassen - one of the best drummers in the country - is assisting that groove here, all other voices and instruments on the track are provided by Watson).

The video is by Jeremy Jones from Propeller Motion.

Take a look. What do you think?

Previously I interviewed Darren around the release of his last album, the very strong St. Hilda's Faithless Boy. Writing for The Dominion Post I referred to Watson as being world class, and that New Zealand was lucky to have him. More people should know that, more people should know about him. Well maybe Planet Key is just a stunt, maybe it'll get some airtime in the lead up to the election, maybe it will get people thinking, and of course it's likely that one or two ardent National supporters might be enticed by the groove and feel of this song. Never mind the lyrics...

Darren's new album arrives nearly four years after St. Hilda's Faithless Boy. That was his best to date.

Meanwhile, what do you make of Planet Key? And how have you found living on planet Key? Keen for another spin? Or you want someone else behind the wheel next time?

And click here for some more background on Darren, his playing history and details around this new single and the forthcoming album.

Postscript: Speaking of impeccable groove, I was really sad to hear of the death of Idris Muhammad, one of my all-time favourite drummers.

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