A Vinyl Affair: This Saturday

The last time I attended a record fair I found a couple of gems - things I'd had on CD but hadn't seen on vinyl, or if I'd seen them before it hadn't been the right time. But for just a few dollars - and in decent condition too - I picked up copies of Frank Zappa's Over-Nite Sensation and Roger Waters' The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking. You're there and faced with all those records - cardboard boxes and plastic crates jammed full - and you're faced with all these things you don't really need. And then you realise that you might actually need one or two of them. As is your wont.

It was a couple of years ago - and I was there by fluke, by mistake - I didn't know there was a vinyl fair but it was a good way to kill an hour, a wee flick through the crates. I've been obsessed with digging, with flicking through, for some 30 years or so now. Time working in music stores hasn't put me off - it only made it worse I think.

This Saturday, August 23, sees Wellington's newest record fair - A Vinyl Affair - taking place at the Southern Cross. Created by Si White (check out his Daily Jam page (which offers up a new free-to-download Mp3 from a Kiwi band each day) the record fair is a chance for collectors to buy and sell - it's a chance for the public to have a dig, to meet up with a few like-minded anoraks - to enjoy some of the good booze and nosh at the Cross. It'll run from 12-4pm and it's free to attend.

And they're going to have guest DJs spinning tracks, hour-long slots. If you are there between 1-2pm you might even hear something by Trini Lopez (translation: I'll be playing some records in that timeslot).

I'm hoping to find the next small handful of gems I didn't know I needed, record-wise. And to have a chat with a few friends, meet a few new friends (translation: stand around awkwardly and not talk in a room full of other awkward record-nerds).

I'm hoping this becomes a regular thing.

Wellington record stores Slow Boat, RPM, Death Ray and Vanishing Point have all donated vouchers for spot prizes on the day.

It sounds like it's going to be a bit of fun. Now to work out what songs to play...

So thought I'd mention this at the start of the week - give you plenty of warning (either put this in your diaries or run a mile).

Are you a vinyl fair type of person? What gems have you found at record-buying events such as this?

Postscript: Last week I read a new Paul McCartney bio, Man on the Run, it focuses on McCartney in the 1970s - it's one of the best music-books I've read in some time. Well-written, a fascinating subject. Just wanted to mention it.

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