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21:53, Sep 04 2014

News this week that Faith No More will release its first album in 18 years. Hmmm...of course I'll listen to that. They might even nail it - but they left behind a perfectly imperfect small victory of a back-catalogue. The only thing that's likely is that a new FNM album won't be all that good - and won't be at all necessary. Fingers crossed though eh. It's a Faith No More record with Mike Patton and he's shown he's still got it across so many projects/bands since (and during) his time with Faith No More.

The rest of the musicians in the band have kept playing - and then of course in recent years there have been reunion shows, so it's not 18 years after they last played together. (They've already debuted new material as part of their reunion shows).

I didn't see the reformed Faith No More but I did see the band on the Angel Dust tour - and it was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. It was the first show I saw at Wellington's Town Hall - my favourite venue. It was the first international act I saw in a smaller space, not a giant stadium gig. And it was what fully sold me on Faith No More's music. I saw them again, different line-ups each time, on their subsequent visits in support of the two albums that followed on from Angel Dust. I reckon Album of the Year was a very fine record to go out on. (And as I said here, the Album of the Year "bonus disc" was one of my favourite-ever bonus discs).

And, yeah, I dig the Chuck Mosley stuff too. I bought those first two FNM albums only after hearing Patton singing We Care A Lot live with the band - at that time I thought Faith No More started with The Real Thing - it was the song Epic that was my introduction. But those Mosley albums are great too. His singing-with-a-stroke vocals aren't anything like what Patton would do with the band but I can still go back and listen to those early albums.

Just the news this week of a new Faith No More record in the works had me going back through their catalogue. I'm not the only one - here's an "album audit" by FasterLouder.

I'm hoping, I guess, for what happened when Dinosaur Jr returned to making records after a break.

I'm going to play my Angel Dust LP today - and hope for the best. (And be reminded of the best).

What do you think about Faith No More making a new record? And what's your favourite album by this band? Do you worry that they'll ruin their discography with a new album 18 years on from their last recorded effort? Or do you say bring it on? 

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