Sam Hunt and David Kilgour Live and on Record

I'd been pretty excited at the - long-teased - idea that Sam Hunt and David Kilgour would make an album together.

I interviewed Sam for this blog back when Falling Debris was released. That was a great album, Sam's words, David turned them into "Kilgour" songs. And in the tour that accompanied Sam Hunt did his thing opening, then joined the band to run through some of his poems with musical backing.

This is nothing new or unusual in Sam Hunt's world. I've seen him backed by The Warratahs, and before that there was Sam Hunt and Mammal. I've seen him do shows with Paul Ubana Jones and Bill Lake and there's always been that connection to music with Sam - in his words and deliver, in the fact that he has surrounded himself with musicians, and the musical world, opened for the likes of Leonard Cohen more recently. Or performed readings where musicians open for him.

But, finally, Sam Hunt and David Kilgour (with The Heavy 8s) recorded an album of Sam's words.

It's called The 9th and I have grown to love it over the last few weeks. It's a reminder, to me, of two hugely important cultural icons in this country, and the work that they make, meandering around the country, summing up the geography of this strange, isolated country in their words and sounds, their worlds.

Tomorrow night Sam Hunt, David Kilgour and The Heavy 8s will perform in Wellington at the San Fran and then on Saturday at The Kings Arms in Auckland.

It's going to be pretty special - not least of all because the last Kilgour/Heavy 8s record was fantastic.

And the chance to see Sam read is something that's always worthwhile - you could even pick up  copy of his collected poems; a must-have I reckon.

I'm also very honoured to be the before-and-after DJ at the Wellington show.

Have you heard The 9th or are you going to see the shows - or maybe you caught the South Island gigs?

Postscript: I only just got around to reviewing the new Sleater-Kinney album but I reckon it's one of the best 'rock' albums of 2015 and one of the best "comeback"/|"reunion" albums ever.

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