Ask Me Anything: 2015 Edition

Time, once again - because why not? - for the annual AMA - the Ask Me Anything post. We did this for the first time in 2013 and then again last year and I figure today's as good as any other day to set up the platform for 2015.

Some of you have been reading this blog since day one - well, I'm not sure that's true, but it's possible. Some of you check in now and then, when a headline grabs you. Or when it's been forwarded, with outrage, to you. Which is why you're so sure this is only ever negative. But Blog On The Tracks has been going for seven years - in fact it's nearing eight. And there are over 2000 posts. 

So sometimes people ask questions and I don't get to them, or they suggest topics and because I don't reply they feel ignored. It's not my intention.

It's a silly thing to try to answer every question - you suddenly look like you're justifying yourself. Or, more likely, struggling to.

But I like the idea of interacting - that's what this is about. These are not articles, they are not reviews. They are blog posts, brain-dumps, starters, stubs, ideas - or proof that ideas are's a journal, a slog as much as a blog. It's been my diary.

So today you can ask away - you might wonder if I am ever going to write about Paul Simon's 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover drum groove, or you might hope that I never mention Paul Simon again. You might want to know what the best gig of this year has been - in my opinion - or why I didn't agree with you on a particular topic. Or you might want to suggest a topic, or further the discussion that started back with a particular topic.

It's up to you.

But this AMA needs to be music-related. Or since I'm writing a blog it can be writing-related, pertaining to the blog, how/why it happens - that sort of thing.

I'm sure you'll think of something.

Or if you don't well have dead air.

That's okay sometimes too.

But I'll reply to every question that is asked of me. I'll do my best. Which is all I can try to do here...

Postscript: Great news to hear Courtney Barnett is playing some shows elsewhere in New Zealand as well as Auckland (following two visits to the 09 already...)

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