The wonderful worlds of Into Orbit

23:12, Jan 25 2016

I'm sure I've told you before (in fact it was here) that I really love this Wellington band, Into Orbit. A duo - Ian on drums, Paul on guitars - they're instrumental. You could go ahead and call them post-rock but there's something very metal about what they do, or at least derived from metal. (Both are keen fans). And there's something else that happens - this is a music that works, live, due to a conceptual tying of images with the sounds and a dogmatic approach of performing their full album - almost as if one fluid piece. 

Over the last year a few new songs have started to appear. They're hard-working, they gig often. And I've always enjoyed seeing them.

They're playing at Valhalla in Wellington this Friday. And the following weekend they'll be at the Cabana in Napier.

They're a must-see band in my opinion.

I loved their debut album. And next month it's getting the treatment it always deserved: a vinyl release. This is a band that cares about artwork and has images and conceptual footage to tie to its sound, so the record-cover format fits with their ethos too.

But I can understand that you might prefer to see them live rather than hear the album at home - here's a review I wrote of one of last year's shows.

Their album is free to download/pay what you want.

Tomorrow the duo releases a brand new single, Dark Matter. It's an intense, wonderful new piece of music. You'll hear the metal in this one more so than on the band's debut album. It's harder, heavier - more brutal.

Recently I sat down with Ian and Paul to discuss all of this for episode 13 of Sweetman Podcast.

It was my first recording of 2016 and it's a good chat, here are a couple of hardworking young guys, dedicated to making it - which is to say making music and making that work for them.

If you listen through to the end of the podcast you get a sneaky preview of the brand new song - it's the first (and currently) only place you can hear it.

So check out my podcast interview with Into Orbit

(And for more Sweetman Podcast episodes click here).

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