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Last updated 09:01 16/07/2008

cake-375-x-278.jpgI love Stevie Wonder but I never liked this song at all. And I heard it a lot growing up. My mum was a huge fan of the Hotter than July album and used to spin the vinyl a heap. Nothing wrong with that, it’s actually a really good album, especially on the back of The Journey through the Secret Life of Plants and with the cheese that was about to arrive… And I remember the local radio station playing an irritating snippet of it to announce their birthday calls which would wake me up before I sauntered off to school.

I love The Beatles and I actually don’t mind this song of theirs. As far as birthday songs go – and I have had to play this in bands as a dedication to people and it’s a better choice than the Stevie Wonder selection.

But my favourite birthday-referencing song is actually this.

Music vouchers were the thing for me growing up, for birthdays. And then when I was a teenager it had got to the point where nobody bought me music or vouchers. Family believed I had enough music already (they were wrong! Even if they probably were right).

And I can’t remember the last time I received music for my birthday. I would love it if someone took the chance – and gave me something that they thought was really cool. Actually, for my 30th, a couple of years back, a friend knew that I had been spending some time listening to classical music, very much as a person eager to learn but having a better chance of pushing water uphill with a rake than gaining any thorough understanding of classical. She bought me a version of Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony. And did so because it was one of her favourite pieces. I highly rate that (and the version of the piece). And I think it was a great effort from her, stumping up with some music. A lot of people would figure I would either a) have everything and/or b) laugh at what they choose. I don’t actually work like that.

So, it’s my birthday today. And I do not need any comments saying Happy Birthday, as gratuitous as the hints may seem. No, no, I have MySpace and Facebook pages for that. So I’m all covered, thanks.

What I thought might be interesting is knowing either a) what the best music-related gift you ever received for your birthday was? And/or b) what music you buy for your friends and family for birthdays?

I was given a drumkit for my birthday one year. So that obviously rates right up there – thanks mum and dad! And this year they supplied me with a turntable (something I’ve been without for about eight years or so, despite still buying vinyl). So ta muchly once again.

And, also for my 30th, some friends gave me a framed picture of the blackboard that Brian Eno gave a lecture on. I still think that is wicked, and suitably opaque enough for Mr Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno to approve. [I’ll also just use this space to say to them: great day for it. And good luck/congrats.]

But back to the question/s at hand – what cool music-related gifts have you given or received?

Or, if you’d prefer – what famous musician/s do you share a birthday with? I was always stoked to share mine with Stewart Copeland from The Police. One of my all-time favourite drummers…I probably also share it with heaps of other twits. But I stopped collecting birthday-related trivia once I had found out that gem. What about you?

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Peter   #1   09:12 am Jul 16 2008

Happy Birthday Simon. There, I said it.

I have been given birthday tickets to:

Iron Maiden Aerosmith/Lenny Kravitz/Black Crowes/Stereophonics (all dayer at Wembley Stadium) and...KISS of course

My sister has sent me the KISSOLOGY DVD sets from the States for the past 3 birthdays.

I have given many DVDs, CDs & concert tickets as presents also. I have been replacing Mum's Classical/Operatic/Musical vinyl colection with CDs over the past 4 or so years as well.

H   #2   09:23 am Jul 16 2008

It could be worse - I share a birthday with the drummer from Coldplay, the guy from the Corrs who married a girl who looked just like one of his sisters, the ex-drummer and current hay farmer from R.E.M, and Wesley Snipes.

Best ever music-related gift would probably be a new acoustic guitar from my girlfriend for xmas a few years ago (my brother helped test it out), followed by one of any number of BDO tickets - my bro and I routinely exchange these as Christmas gifts. Also, last year one of my friends (and also my drum teacher) gave me Mike Bordin from Faith No More's drum sticks which he picked up after a gig a few years ago - they are one of my all time favourite bands and I particularly loved his intro to Midlife Crisis off the Angel Dust album. Judging by the condition of the sticks, that guy really bashes the sh*t out of his kit.

My most common music-related gifts are concert tickets (usually for Mum - I gave her two Andrea Bocelli tickets for Mothers Day and while I wouldn't dream of going myself, I know she will enjoy it) and mix CDs as xmas stocking fillers. The main thing is not to try to impose your tastes on someone else, but maybe give them a nudge in a new direction - my Dad likes Led Zep and Queen, so I figured he would also like a bit of Queens of the Stone Age and The Darkness.

Don 1   #3   09:38 am Jul 16 2008

Well, my musical pedigree is er, mixed, to say the least:

Billy Rose, composer of Paper Moon and Me and My Shadow. Buddy Bolden, N’awlins jazzman. Jimmy Reed (Big Boss Man, Bright Lights Big City) delta bluesman extraordinaire. Buster Bloodvessel, lead singer with ska-revivalists Bad Manners. Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (A-ha) And…ulp….Roger Waters, bass player for a moderately successful beat combo back in the day… And the ultimate indignity: Dolores O'Riordan that screeching harie from the Cranberries.

To happier topics, my best ever musical presents were the money to buy a Fender Strat and a Laney Linebacker 110W amp from my cousin, who had just sold his stockbroking business and gone into the theatre. Awash with money and happy as Larry, he wanted to spread the joy of artistic endeavour and shouted me a start in the music world, gawd blessim.

JeM   #4   09:45 am Jul 16 2008

"I would love it if someone took the chance – and gave me something that they thought was really cool."

Well I was given a Stellar CD for my birthday back in 1999 or 2000 because "everyone likes Stellar, don't they?". Well I didnt. I though Stellar sucked.

So in my opinion, buying other people music for their birthday based on the fact that I think it is cool, is a bit too risky!!

Sam   #5   09:57 am Jul 16 2008

I share my birthday with loads of people... none of them all that cool..... 5 May 1942 - Tammy Wynette - Yawn 1959 - Ian McCullogh (Echo and the bunnymen) - YAY! 1962 - Gary Daley (China Crisis) - Yawn 1962 - Kevin Mooney (bass, Adam and the Ants) - Hmmmm 1981 - Craig David - LOOONNNGGG YAWN 1984 - Jim Kerr and Chrissie Hynde marry - (aawww sweet) 1989 - Chris Brown - WHO??? LOL

I so wish i was born on 10th May like Bono....hhmmmm

Graham   #6   10:00 am Jul 16 2008

I just checked Wikipedia and I share my birthday with Rick Wright, Pink Floyd keyboardist. That's pretty cool. It's a pretty thin crop otherwise - the singer of the New Seekers and the replacement Deep Purple guitarist.

Kirsty   #7   10:17 am Jul 16 2008

Happy Birthday Si - had to be said :)

Does Bruce Willis count? He's done a bit of music hasn't he? He's the only one I can think of...

Matt   #8   10:29 am Jul 16 2008

It would have to be the B'Day double whammy. Was given tickets to AC/DC live at Athletic park (What an insane gig). Towards the end of the killer set. Brian Johnson tells the crowd that its been one of the most awesome crowds they (AC/DC) had played to in a long time. Then announced that anyone who wanted to goto the Auckland gig could do so for free. Hence the double and the drive up SH1.

Simon DC   #9   10:29 am Jul 16 2008

Happy birthday indeed...

I got a Norah Jones ticket a few years back, surprisingly awesome concert (mostly due to the incredible backing band).

Best birthday song has to be Bill Cosby's "Nasty Birthday"...

Have a good one

MsM   #10   10:37 am Jul 16 2008

Illinois Jacquet - jazz tenor saxophonist Larry Mullen - U2 drummer Mikkey Dee - drummer for Motorhead Johnny Marr - The Smiths Adam Horovitz - Beastie Boys Vanilla Ice (oh the shame) Frank Iero - My Chemical Romance

Not as cool as I'd hoped. However have had some cool music gifts. My partner took me to see The Police (belated but still much appreciated), and I've been given numerous great cd's and a mike stand for my PA system too.

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