The Devil Makes Work for Idle Hands

Last updated 09:28 14/07/2009

That's the name of the new compilation to support the re-formed, reunited, re-rockin' Head Like A Hole. The band used to be called Head Like a Hole, then they were called HLAH and now they are called Head Like A Hole again. Hooray!

Head Like A The Devil Makes Work For Idle HandsHole is the sweaty beast of NZ rock'n'roll music and it's great to hear that beast alive and kicking again, out of the box, back on the prowl...the songs on this 21-track compilation are all bursting with energy, occasionally with arrogance and always with a vitality that so few bands today - or then - could ever hope to possess.

I am pleased that Head Like A Hole is back.

You will remember that earlier in the year I chatted with frontman Booga Beazley - this was in preparation for the band's warm-up shows in Auckland and Wellington and festival appearance at Homegrown. They were easily one of the highlights of that all-day show - certainly the rock highlight.

You can see the track-listing for this new compilation here - you'll see it takes in early gems like Spanish Goat Dancer. You'll also get the band's cover of Bruce Springsteen's I'm On Fire. (Is that not one of the best covers ever?)

The reason behind the compilation (well, one of) is the band's full nationwide tour. It was to be a July tour but then Booga hurt his foot. Big time. He's said to be convalescing well and the tour dates have been rescheduled for September. So if you are in or near these places at the corresponding date then here's the deal:

Thurs 3rd - Invercargill, Saints & Sinners
Friday 4th - Dunedin, Sammy's
Saturday 5th - Christchurch, The Bedford
Thurs 10th - Hamilton, Altitude
Friday 11th - Auckland, Powerstation
Saturday 12th - Wellington, James Cabaret

It's been nice having Head Like A Hole back - the band proved with its shows in March that nothing was lost: Booga is still a great singer and frontman for a bandHead Like A Hole tour dates - the rest of the group (Nigel Regan, Andrew Durno, Michael Franklin-Browne and Andrew Ashton) were in great form too. The support for all of the new shows is Luger Boa.

So - to get the proper preparation down the hatch it would be wise to go to your favourite local music store and pick up a copy of this 21-track sampling of one of NZ's best ever bands. I hear this is pretty much the set-list for the shows - so you can check out (in order) the full gamut of the band's hits and (near) misses.

I am very keen to check the band out in action again - I'm hoping, nearer the time, to bring you a new interview with someone from the band, and we might even try and organise a Blog on the Tracks competition to reward keen Head Like A Hole fans. I was thinking something along the lines of getting to add backing vocals to Hootenanny live on stage; something like that. What do you think? I don't know...we'll work something out...I should probably ask the band and management first...

And I'm also angling for the band to release this on vinyl. So show your support below if you'd like to grab a vinyl copy of this - that would be the perfect tour souvenir, right? Keep it limited; get fans to snap them up at the gig.

Meanwhile, who is keen to check the band's new shows out? Who is keen to grab this new compilation, The Devil Makes Work for Idle Hands? Who saw Head Like A Hole earlier in the year and loved it? Who missed out then but won't be missing out this time?

What's your favourite Head Like A Hole song/s?


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Mark   #1   10:09 am Jul 14 2009

First Supergroove, now it's great to see HLAH back. Personal favourites for me are their hysterically amusing cover of Summer Nights (from Grease), College Rock, Spanish Goat Dancer and Beige Overalls for the Tradesmen.

To be fair, this new compilation is basically their Blood On The Honky Tonk Floor compilation, minus a few covers, plus a few b-sides. Not that there's anything wrong with that though.

bah!   #2   10:12 am Jul 14 2009

Has beens. Went there, did it. Early 90's. Yawn.

Mark   #3   10:20 am Jul 14 2009

Incidentally, they also did a REALLY good cover of Beastie Boys 'Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun', which I heard on bfm back in the day and haven't been able to track down since. Complete with a sample from Shortland St. of Nick Harrison talking about how the band take their clothes off on stage. Yes, that was the 90's folks.

Peter   #4   10:21 am Jul 14 2009

Always liked Fish Across Face.

Was funny seeing Andrew Durno on stage the first time I saw them live - we did 5th form economics together.

jnr   #5   10:26 am Jul 14 2009

Yeah, I was disappointed with the compilation. Was hoping for some unreleased/rare goodies but basically got another best of (you can still buy the 'Blood On The Honkytonk Floor' best of). Also, I never got what all the fuss was about with the Springsteen cover. A joke gone WAY to far? A great band in their day and I would love to see their studio albums re-issued on vinyl (or just available again would be a start!) as I think they are an important part of NZ (and especially Wgtn) music history. However Simon, I think it would be a waste to issue this comp on vinyl (would have to be a double too). Sorry to be a grump.

Hans_blix   #6   10:27 am Jul 14 2009

I missed out on the shows earlier in the year but have got my ticket sorted this time.

I agree that their cover of I'm on Fire is definitely top notch and is one of my favourites along with comfortably shagged and hootenanny. Can't say I hit the skip button on any HLAH song though.

robin mc   #7   10:36 am Jul 14 2009

i like the album 13 and the old dummer hidde beast

Samuel   #8   10:47 am Jul 14 2009

I've been excited about this ever since that guy from the hit list mentioned a reunion. I have booked my ticket flying back from Sydney to see them in Wellington in September. Oh yes. And I have a question for you, what is The Zwanzi?

Markboy   #9   11:03 am Jul 14 2009

I have been telling anyone who would listen for years that their cover of I'm On Fire is possibly the best cover ever. They just looked at me weird.

I'm a big fan of A Crying Shame, and Wet Rubber.

yoko   #10   12:06 pm Jul 14 2009

jnr #5 - I would be interested as to where you think "Blood On The Honky Tonk Floor" can be purchased as it is no longer legally supposed to be on sale? As for being disappointed with "The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands" this album is a collection (as noted) of the up and coming tour's set list and the band's personal favorites. Perhaps you and bah! #2 should should quit whinging and let those younger and less blinkered than you decide if they like Head Like A Hole's song choices. And bah!, there ain't nothing wrong with the 90's – but you're probably just a child of the 80's!

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