Win tickets to The Over Stayer

The Over Stayer is a musical project spearheaded by Will Ricketts - you may remember earlier in the year when Ricketts' citizenship was being questioned, even though the NZ Government had assisted some of his travel overseas to help promote New Zealand music.

Will Ricketts is a keyboardist, percussionist and songwriter for The Phoenix Foundation - more than that, he is a creative spirit. You watch the band and see his hands dancing, he is a conjurer of music.

And outside of the band, Ricketts has created two amazing full-length albums and an EP under the name Wild Bill Ricketts.

Spacey synth sounds, percussion, acoustic ballads, a form of future-jazz - throwbacks to psychedelic rock and jazz. The music that Ricketts has made - has conjured - on the albums John Dryden and West Wind is a sound that refuses to be pinned down; a set of sounds that swirl and mystify...he is band-leader and producer, conductor and court-jester, songwriter and orchestrator. I love those records.

I still listen to John Dryden (released in 2009) and last year's West Wind is a deep - huge - album. So much to take in, so intense but so good - the links above, to each album, take you to Bandcamp where you can sample from each, or buy a copy for $7 and $8 respectively.

The Over Stayer live show is this Friday in Wellington, at The San Francisco Bath House. It's $10 on the door - have cash ready. It's a great bill...

There will be opening sets from Louis Baker and Adam Page and DJ Evil Genius will be colouring in the spaces left on this evening.

And then The Over Stayer sees Ricketts team with vocalist Mara TK (the pair have collaborated on both of the Wild Bill Ricketts albums and The Promised Band.

Taking the stage on this night will be some of Wellington's (and New Zealand's) greatest players. People who Ricketts and Mara TK have worked with - Riki Gooch (drums), Toby Laing (trumpet/keys), Joe Lindsay (tuba/trombone), Lucien Johnson (reeds), Dan Yeabsley (reeds/flute), Adam Page (reeds), Sam Lindsay (guitar), Chris Yeabsley (keys) and Tom Callwood (bass).

What an incredible lineup. All on the same stage on the same night - for one night only. All for just $10.

But if you're a Wellingtonian - or in the city this Friday - you have a chance to win one of three double passes to the show.

Just leave a comment below telling me why you'd like to see The Over Stayer at San Francisco Bath House this Friday. I'll pick three lucky people to win a double-pass to what I reckon will be the gig of the week. It has the potential to be one of the gigs of the year.

Here's Mara TK and Wild Bill Ricketts' song, Mangi Mangi.

Oh, and I mentioned an EP too - that was Ricketts Meet Fabulous - so if you click there you'll go to Bandcamp to hear/buy that also. A great set of tunes.

So, does The Over Stayer sound like a gig you'd like to see? Are you planning to go already? Would you like to win tickets?

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