Dirty Projectors return to NZ

20:34, Oct 10 2012

Yes, it's very good news indeed. Very good news that Dirty Projectors will return to New Zealand. Two shows in early 2013 - not long to wait. The Brooklyn art-pop collective, formed around the writing and arranging talents of David Longstreth, will play Auckland's Kings Arms on Wednesday, January 23. The following night, Thursday, January 24, the group will take the stage at Wellington's San Francisco Bath House.

I'm excited about this because when the band last played in New Zealand I was wowed and dazzled - but it all fell away too quickly. The initial sound, though, was stunning.

They've since released what I consider to be, easily, their best album - one of the albums of the year. And there are plenty of reports of how the material from Swing Lo Magellan is absolutely stunning when performed live. You can hear it in the album - the songs (and for a start, it's the band's best collection of songs) announce themselves in such a way that you can't help but imagine how great it would be to hear a live version.

Gun Has No Trigger, Maybe That Was It - latest single, About to Die - Unto Caesar, The Socialites, Dance for You, Offspring Are Blank and the album's title track - these could all surely be live highlights.

Wonderful news. I'm taking the rest of the day off to celebrate. To go back through the Mount Wittenberg Orca EP (featuring Bjork), Bitte Orca, The Getty Address, the New Attitude EP and Slaves' Graves and Ballads.

But mostly I'll just be listening to Swing Lo Magellan. After thrashing the CD I've recently picked up the album on vinyl. So that'll take me through today, that and the thought that one of the best gigs of 2013 - surely - is just around the corner. Well, fingers crossed anyway.

So are you excited about the chance to see Dirty Projectors? Have you seen them before? And if so will you go again? Or are you enthused enough to check out some of the band's material between now and then and make a decision nearer the time?

I should think these shows will sell out.

For tickets you can go to Under the Radar or Real Groovy in Auckland. In Wellington you have the choice of RPM or Slow Boat Records.

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