Right This Blog! Summer 2012-13 edition

19:56, Nov 12 2012

It's that time again. It rolls around a couple of times a year. I open the blog up to you to correct it; you get to right my mistakes, write the blogs you want to read that I have not written. You get to right this blog; to fix it, to bend it in the direction that you want to see it heading. In order to do that you have to submit an idea for a guest-post.

It's always an interesting week - a week of guest-posts. And it's not entirely a feet-up situation for me. I'll still be loading up the posts - and as you may have noticed from the message at the bottom of each post, Off the Tracks is back up and running. This is where I do The Vinyl Countdown. But it's expanded now - to a full site, one that includes reviews of new DVDs, books and albums and other music-related musings. So I'll be keeping that going. And I'll be here. While you write the posts for a week - five of you, one each, one per day - I'll be commenting. In a way we'll be swapping roles.

So what do you say? Are you keen?

If you think that this is me getting off lightly, bunking out of work, not taking it seriously then this is very easy to fix: don't play this game. Don't enter into (the spirit of) it. But if you're keen to have your (extended) say - roughly 800-1200 words on a music-related topic - then make your case below in the comments. I'll pick the best FIVE to run and ONE wildcard. (We always seem to have someone go AWOL after being selected.)

This time there will be one difference. Let's make use of the new structure here at Stuff with comments. You can vote individual comments up or down - give them the thumbs up or click to thumbs-down the comment if you think it stinks. So, I want you to help me choose the five guest-bloggers by voting for the suggestions you like. Give a thumbs-up to suggestions that you endorse; reply directly to that suggestion with a comment in support of it. And of course you can thumbs-down the ones that you think do not cut the mustard.

If you've entered - or even won - a Right This Blog! round before you can enter this time too. Maybe we'll see repeat form from a repeat player.


It's hard to know what I'll pick, but think back to previous rounds - I try to give space to a range of views. If you want to react to something I have written then the floor could be yours. Or if you want to write about something I have never covered, that might be what gets you up over the line. You can write with all of your very best rage. Hard to know if that will be what wins favour. You can be witty or informative or obscure or any combination that you think works.

All you have to do is leave a comment below suggesting a topic for Blog on the Tracks; one that you will write. This is your chance to Right This Blog! The last chance for 2012.

You'll have a week to submit your finished piece - easy! A walk in the park.

And if you've read this far but don't want to play and want something else from me on this Tuesday before you go about your day, then here. Check out the brand new Scott Walker song, Epizootics! It's from the forthcoming new album Bish Bosch. What do you think?

You can keep up with Blog on the Tracks on Facebook and follow on Twitter. You can also check out Off the Tracks for The Vinyl Countdown, reviews and other posts...Off the Tracks is back on track.

Now Right This Blog! entries below please. Winners will be announced by the end of this week.