...And I Feel Fine...

21:24, Dec 20 2012

Sure, sure, I was saying only yesterday that this would be the last Blog on the Tracks post for 2012 but what are you doing here? I mean the Mayans have this as being the end of the world and every second Facebook post is going to be a boast from someone deeply unfunny that, OMG, they're "still here!" And the Mayans got it wrong. And you've probably passed through the wonder of how many of your Facebook friends had even heard of the Mayans until recently...

A scarier prospect would be getting a park in town today, right? That's the real battle; the real apocalypse.

I'll keep this brief because you'll be sick of the internet with all its Mayan mentions. And besides I have to flee...

I won't be here for much longer today. I plan to head to somewhere very safe just in case this end of the world malarkey does actually take place - yes, that's right, Hawke's Bay; where cavemen still walk the earth (mostly after dark; it's a very literal form of clubbing up there) and in terms of being aware of what's happening in the wider world beyond the gates, well it's a very safe place to be. You see Hawke's Bay has managed to get on without caring about the rest of the world for nearly 20 years now.

The good news in all of this is that there'll be no more Opshop. The lead singer will be cast adrift, right? Out to sea. So we're safe in that regard. (Finally!)

The Mayan calendar has been the talk of the town (in the town of Internet) for some days/weeks/months and obviously there have, in the last couple of days, been all the articles about why it's not actually true, the dates are wrong, the dates will continue to roll over and so on...


But it is, probably, your last day at work for a while. And if not for the year than at least from the week. Or at the very least it is Friday. That much is certain. So I thought we could have a bit of silly-season, good-old-fashioned, avoid-work-for-a-bit fun and do the most important end-of-days preparation: the soundtrack.

It's the last day. Apparently. (Let's run with that.) So what are you going to listen to?

Pink Floyd will be an obvious choice for many, or if you prefer your Pink Floyd with the trainer-wheels (still) on you might mention Silent Lucidity.

Chris Cornell has a voice that feels like it could battle any apocalypse so I would expect plenty of people to mention something from his solo career, or Soundgarden or, erm, Audioslave. And that leads to Rage Against the Machine too.

But does it all have to be from the rock/metal angle/area? What about Take Five? Would that be a nice (relaxed) way to stroll (rather than march) toward the meet-your-maker scenario. (Speaking of, R.I.P. Dave Brubeck.)

The New Yorker has a pretty good "Ultimate Apocalypse Playlist" up today. But can you beat it?

What are your Top Ten Songs about the end of the world (as we know it) for your playlist? You show me yours and I'll show you Mayan. See if you can tell a little story, or create a flow that weaves its way in and through some songs and styles beyond the heavy rock and prog staples.

Here are Mayan, I mean mine:

Steely Dan, King of the World
Nick Drake, Pink Moon
Crosby, Stills & Nash, Wooden Ships
Andrew Bird, Tables and Chairs
Lou Reed, There Is No Time
Tag Team, Whoomp! (There It Is)
Talking Heads, Nothing But Flowers

Kate Bush, Breathing
Warren Zevon, Life'll Kill Ya
Tom Lehrer, We Will All Go Together When We Go

So, it's your turn. Ten songs to soundtrack the end of the world. What's (on) your playlist?

And a Merry Christmas to all Blog on the Tracks readers thanks for another great year. See you end of January (if we make it through today).

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