A happy-happy joy playlist

Something wonderful happened this week - profound in its simplicity. It's been a golden run of great weather and I was out with Oscar for a walk. It didn't matter that a complete stranger had called out to me telling me that I was "a bit too generous" in my "comment about Cliff Richard". No answer from him when I asked, "well you were clearly there, right?"

It didn't matter that work was piling up. It didn't matter that the Sevens were coming to fill the weekend with binge drinkers suddenly sure they had personality and a hobby all thanks to dress-ups.

You see, I had just heard Stevie Wonder's song, For Once in My Life. It was blasting out from a shop in Cuba St, and it filled the world (my world at least) with joy for those moments that it lasted. The sun was out. Oscar was having a giggle. The world was good.

Stevie Wonder will do that for you. His Songs in the Key of Life always gets my day off to a great start, whenever I choose it to listen to. So do many of his albums, in fact.

But if there's one song from Stevie that guarantees a small wiggle in the stride and a smile to go with the strut it's For Once in My Life.

The weather helped in this particular case. Sure. But what a great song. A great start to the day. And I'm sure it would be a great start to any day. I have it in my head right now; it's easing me into today.

So I thought we could start up a happy-happy joy playlist here. Just name the one song that you would add - the one song that you would expect to be included. And then, if you're interested, you can go through everyone's comments and collect up the songs mentioned to make a playlist.

I'm volunteering For Once in My Life as the starting point, the opening track.

What do you say comes next?

Here it is one more time: For Once in My Life by Stevie Wonder.

You pick the next song - and on we go from there...

Have a great day and happy weekend.

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