Come and listen to My Dick

I said, "come! Quick! You gotta take a load of this". And she did. She came. She took it in - even if she did have the unusual complaint that it lasted far too long...

I'm talking, of course, about My Dick. To be specific, My Dick's Double Full-Length Release.

Katy and I sat on the bed giggling. Knowing that it was really rather stupid. But we couldn't help it. The joy we felt might only last a small moment in the scheme of things. We'd grow tired quickly. But for right now, or then - as it were, we were pretty wrapped up in My Dick.

Released just before Christmas and available via Bandcamp (check the link above) My Dick's Double Full-Length Release is an album that reworks several pop and rock hits from across the 1980s and 1990s. From the overheard (Piano Man, Ironic, Don't Go Breaking My Heart) to the songs you probably don't really want to ever hear again (Two Princes, Everybody Wang Chung Tonight, Imagine...) My Dick takes 22 well-known songs and gives them the My Dick treatment. That is to say that key lyrics are replaced with the words "dick" and "my dick".

Is this stupid? Yes. Puerile? Of course. But is there something brilliant about this? I'm convinced there is.

Check out the Tracy Chapman cover, now known as Fast Dick, or Bruce Springsteen's Dancing In My Dick (where the party is - firmly - on the inside) and the opening classic, a rewrite of Hall & Oates, becoming Dick On My List (very becoming, in fact).

Will I always like My Dick? Right now I feel a certain attachment to it.

I reckon you should definitely check out My Dick. It'll put a smile on your face.

Or have you heard it already and did it not work for you at all? Couldn't get the hang of it?

I don't go in for novelty music and silly rewrites or over-the-top pastiche music all that often. But I've listened to Fields Of Dick more than I'll ever listen to Sting's Fields Of Gold. And there's something in that. Isn't there?

What is it about a silly load of nonsense that can captivate, even if only momentarily? As I said in My Review of My Dick I do like the way there is an obvious chuckle at the banality of so many pop lyrics. Do we even - really - care about the lyrics in a pop song, once it becomes a ubiquitous hit?

I like My Dick. I reckon it took some balls to do this. And though I'll be over it - maybe - in a month or two (or, maybe, a year or two) I had to laugh. And that's a good thing. That's what this is for. Not to be taken seriously.

Do you have a favourite My Dick song? Or does it not even interest you to try listening to this? And do you have songs you would like to see (and hear) given the My Dick treatment?

And what is your favourite novelty rewrite?

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