19:58, Feb 24 2013

I was home alone this weekend - from early Friday morning until late Sunday night. And though I had friends to catch up with, and my life is structured in such a way that I always have some work I could be doing, time passed slowly. I function well on my own. I like time by myself when I get it. But this was different. This was the longest time I'd had away from Katy and Oscar together - it's strange being home alone in your own house when you have a young child. Toys packed away. A closed bedroom door that gives some panic; you convince yourself you haven't checked on the child. And why is it so quiet?

I hardly heard any music.

On Friday I watched DVDs - a treat to catch up on some movies and a TV series (series three of Eastbound & Down). I bought some records - the new Atoms for Peace (you can click here to read my review) and Dead Skeletons. I watched more DVDs. And moped a bit, as I caught up on some work - and avoided some other work.

On Saturday I wrote a review of the new Johnny Marr album and caught The Wedding Present in-store at Slow Boat Records. That was lovely, a stripped-down acoustic set. I saw friends. Had some beers. Attended Cat Power (my review is in today's Dominion Post) and then on to catch some of the Wedding Present gig later that night.

The new Bob Brozman album was perfect for a stroll, so was Atoms for Peace and Richard Thompson's Electric.

I started Carole King's memoir - which I'm really enjoying. I didn't go to her show this weekend, because I didn't much feel like sitting through the Barry Gibb set also. Then there's the fact that The Mission is a revolting place for a concert - full of drunken goons. I would have liked to see King; I'm not the hugest fan of her work as such, but there's respect there. She was a great writer, a huge talent. So it wasn't so much planned that I would start her book the weekend she played a show in New Zealand, but I did wonder, as I powered through the pages dealing with her early signing, her first songwriting and the success she would go on to, what the gig was like. (Did any of you go? How was it?)

I read John Newton's latest poetry volume, Family Songbook. Beautiful, vivid stories - it's a book I'll return to.


So there was plenty to do - and lots to get on with. But time passed slowly.

The TV's hard-drive is now slightly less full, the fridge more empty, library books have been returned, the sheets changed, floors vacuumed, lawns mowed, clothes tidied, records thumbed over, re-ordered...

And then Oscar, nearly walking, and Katy, always beautiful, returned from their trip; the end to my "staycation". And once again the house was filled with music.

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