Ask me anything

22:21, Mar 05 2013

I'm always a bit baffled by people who, when unhappy with something I write, call me out as "some anonymous keyboard warrior". My name's here - every day - on a major website. My photo too. That photo even gets me in trouble, people calling me ugly and grumpy and telling me I can't have an opinion on a musician because of the way I look, or that my opinion is typical of someone that looks the way I look.

These comments are often left by people using some moniker like Rainbow_Warrior32 or TheInternetRulzHard or GoodnightMidnightYouth or whatever...

But I'm the anonymous one.

Or I'm the racist one. Apparently that needs no backup - you just get to say it.

I try to share plenty about myself here - because that is the point, this is a blog; it's my blog. And I know that I give plenty of myself to this blog, and have done for many years.

The last couple of years I've asked you all to ask me questions - and I've used those as the trigger for a handful of blog-posts. I've answered as many of the questions as possible.


I was going to do that again this year - and then I saw, recently that Chris Philpott had done exactly that over at On the Box. He was celebrating his 500th post (and a belated congrats on that, by the way, Chris) and he made use of the new comment function where you can reply to individual comments.

So I'm going to jump in on that - today's the day you get to ask me anything.

Ask away - and if it makes it through the moderation process I'll answer it. The idea here is for dialogue, I have my say with the posts, you have your say with the comments. But let's try to extend that a little further. I don't often reply to individual comments. If I'm being accused of something that I feel is inaccurate/unfair then I'll defend myself. If I've got something (factually) wrong I'll acknowledge it and if people ask me a direct question I try to answer it. But sometimes I miss your questions - or I have the best intentions of replying but forget.

So today is the day where you can ask me anything - ask about favourite bands and least favourite; ask about how I approach reviewing, ask about bands I've seen or bands I wish I'd seen. Ask about why a particular subject has never been blogged here; ask about the new Jamie Lidell album (it's great).

Ask the question you've always wanted to ask - regular readers, first time callers...let's vote each other up and down, let's chat as best we can. Let's aim for civility - and of course subjectivity.

This hump-day is your chance to ask me anything. I'll do my best to answer you. Leave your question below. One chance for the year to ask me anything.

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