On Song in Upper Hutt

19:00, Mar 25 2013

Pimpin' ain't easy, goes the song, but I don't find it all that hard. It's part of the job. You write a post, you add it to Facebook, Twitter, share it around - people share it too if they like it; more so if they hate it. You write other stories and share them too - reviews, interviews, pieces of work. It's all work. And it all needs to be pimped. It's all part of the work to pimp the work. That's how it is now.

Last year I wrote a book. I've mentioned it here a few times - I've been told by a few readers to knock it on the head. Someone tried to tell me it was shameless plugging my own book through my own blog. That's what a blog is for. It's for sharing elements and aspects of your life. This blog has a music theme. The book I wrote is about music. They go well together.

Last year I had a chat about my book, On Song, at Unity Books in Wellington. It was fun. We had an audience and everything. (You can click that link to listen to the full Q&A.) That was my first author talk.

People listened. And asked questions. People seemed genuinely interested in the stories from the book and my story behind writing the book - the stories I learned along the way, the few small battles, the handful of triumphs.

On Song has been in stores since late October and as I told you all recently that's about it for the book. It's done now. It exists. I'm pleased with that. And I have essentially moved on - after a busy November/December pimping the book across print, TV and radio. People called to interview me and I answered. There were chances to write guest-blogs or answer email questions and I took them. I was interviewed over Skype, live on TV in both Wellington and Auckland, for several radio stations - sometimes over the phone, sometimes in the booth with the DJ. It's part of the job. And I had a lot of fun doing it too.

Writers love talking about themselves and their work. Even the ones who don't - they actually really do; they just might be slower to start, more anxious, less likely, but get them going and you'll find their favourite subject is the subject they wrote about (and themselves, if that's not part of the subject) - it comes with the work. It's just how it is.


This Wednesday, March 27, tomorrow night - I'll be appearing at the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club to share some of the stories and songs from my book. I'll talk about the book - and about my role as a music critic, reviewer, blogger, writer for hire...I'll talk about the people in the book and their songs; those who were interviewed, those who weren't - what I learned, what I knew going into it. What I might do next. How I might do things differently another time...

I hope this is of interest. I'm looking forward to it. It should be fun. And I'll take the talk wherever the audience wants it to go.

There'll be plenty of opportunity for anyone to ask questions, to challenge, to query.

I don't believe in this faceless writing caper. I like to front up.

It might not win me fans all the time but that's why I'm pimping my work - and parts of my life - via social media. And here at Blog on the Tracks. It's about showing that I do the work. And about fronting up. Even if that then becomes (part of) the work. I'm easy to find - and I'm available. And I'm happy to stand by my opinions. And to hear yours.

That's why this is a blog - with comments - not just a column/opinion piece.

And in writing a book it's nice to think that it lives on - in the sense that people can bring something to it. Their questions, their comments...their experiences having read it or their preparation toward reading it.

So tomorrow night I'll be in Upper Hutt at the Cosmopolitan Club, 7.30pm. Free entry.

And you can ask me about the book, and my writing. And, yes, of course, this is all a shill - I'd love to sign copies of books and chat with people who are interested. And to sell books. Sure. But I'm not doing this to get rich. That's not what writing is about - nor is it ever likely. It's about sharing experiences, telling stories. Narrative is the thing.

And if none of this interests you then you can always not attend. But this is my blog, and my book and my book-event so I thought to share it here.

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