Daft Punk's brand new album

22:02, May 16 2013

Today sees the official release of Daft Punk's new album, Random Access Memories. The French duo has chosen to release it, of course, in the tiny Australian town of Wee Waa. Well, why not, right?

I don't know if I have ever told you this but I'm a huge Daft Punk fan. I don't like everything that the group have done - but I like what they're about; enough to always want to check in.

Homework, the debut, arrived at a time when I was discovering a lot of dance music and it's been a favourite ever since. I reckon it's a classic from that age/era; it's held up well. Discovery I couldn't quite get on board with - I enjoyed revisiting it on vinyl recently but ultimately it's too camp-and pleased-with-itself for my liking. I guess I admire it - without actually liking it. If that's possible - if that even makes sense?

Discovery has been an important blueprint for cheeky and cheesy disco-laced pop and dance music across the past decade. And I'm not sure there's been anything overtly influenced by it that has in fact bettered it.

I kinda liked Human After All but only because at the time that it arrived it suggested more of Homework than Discovery; in fact it's equal doses of both without ever really getting close to either. But it was a good reminder that Daft Punk was out there, worth keeping tabs on.

I still haven't seen the film and I probably won't but I did like the TRON: Legacy soundtrack - it was, again, another reminder that Daft Punk wasn't just a band trading on its past; there were new directions, new sounds, new angles.


There have been live albums and remix albums and though Homework remains my favourite, I like to think I'm a Daft Punk fan - of sorts. But I've never cared for the hype around them.

And the hype around the new album was threatening to kill it before anyone heard it - and maybe, for you, that's exactly what has happened.

It's the most hyped album of the year - well only the David Bowie album comes close.

But does the new Daft Punk album deliver?

And what does it deliver?

Have you heard it? Will you be checking it out?

Or have you never been a fan and have no interest in trying them on for size this time?

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