Joni & Josephine

23:37, Jun 16 2013

I had a lovely weekend actually, thanks for asking. Killing Joke gig on Friday night - one where you could breathe, even. (Review is in today's Dominion Post). And that was the only music outing - but I enjoyed a chance to select records at someone else's house (always fun) and had a social weekend catching up with friends from Hong Kong - even finding time for the Come Dine With Me omnibus - TV's best programme. And if our resident TV blogger doesn't agree with me there I bet our resident food blogger does.  

A 6.00am wake-up call with The Wiggles couldn't dampen my spirit this weekend - actually the joy on Oscar's face as soon as they kicked in with the opening track on their bound-to-be-thrilling-to-a-toddler Hot Potatoes best-of DVD meant that I was perfectly happy to be watching and hearing The Wiggles. They were doing their job; nailing it. He was loving it. And I was loving him loving it. I can take The Wiggles. I get made to listen to a lot worse. I had a mini-Stallone moment as I braced myself for this library-borrowed DVD: They won't break me.

But the best thing, musically, that happened for me this weekend - and I had a blast playing so many favourite albums now I come to think of it - was reconnecting with one old favourite and discovering a brand new one.

Joni Mitchell was recently interviewed and you can watch the whole thing right here - it's nearly two hours long, but it's worth your time. Lovely stories, and a chance to hear more of the whole story because in recent years she's been reduced down to a series of mean-spirited sound bites, picking on Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen and has been made to seem like she's fighting for relevance, fighting for artistic survival.

It was a wonderful interview I thought - just nice to hear her voice again. It made me go straight to an old vinyl compilation; one I've been favouring recently.

And then, later in the weekend, I reviewed Portrait, the debut album by Josephine.

Josephine is Josephine Oniyama, a British singer-songwriter. And Portrait is one of my new favourite albums. I love it. Stunning voice, great songs - lots of references, lots of spot-the-influence moments and then on the closing track, House of Mirrors, I heard something in the song that instantly made me think of Joni Mitchell's great work from the 1990s.

Yes, everyone acknowledges that Mitchell had an amazing run in the 1970s - and I'm not sure she ever really got her head around the 1980s (a duet with Billy Idol?!) - but in the 1990s Mitchell released three albums that I love - Night Ride Home, Turbulent Indigo and Taming The Tiger. They're not five-star classics, they're not perfect - but there's some gorgeous songs on these records. And Josephine's final track on Portrait (it features Ed Harcourt on piano by the way - if that's of interest) reminded me of the feel across those albums by Mitchell. So that was nice - making a connection between Joni and Josephine.

Have you heard Josephine's album? Or heard any of her songs? Here's the title track from her debut album. And here's a lively track called Pepper Shaker. I also really like Original Love and What A Day. I hear plenty of Joan Armatrading in her sound and, well, lots of things as I said here.

Anyone else sit through all/most of the Joni interview? What did you think?

What old favourite did you reconnect with this weekend? And what new favourite did you discover?

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