A silly band name game

20:21, Jun 19 2013

Sometimes I really want to phone-it-in, do a short post - just a couple of hundred words...but I can't allow myself to do it.

Perhaps some of you would prefer a few more very short posts because I bore you with too many words (tl;dr) - and maybe you're still sure that I do phone it in a lot of the time. As far as you're concerned. Well, today I'm telling you up front that's exactly what I'm doing.

I saw this image (below right) on Facebook last night - and thought it might be fun to share here.

A silly wee game, you just share the colour of your pants and then the last thing you ate (we can see from the image that this is an American game).

It's that simple - combine those two things and you've got your band name.

I thought you might like to have a go - a bit of silly fun. Let's see what names end up on the list - presumably, as the day goes on, the food styles will change.

Have a bit of fun. Join in the silly band name game.

Name the colour of the pants you're wearing today - or if you're not wearing pants today think back to when you were last wearing pants and write down the colour of them.


Add in the last thing you ate and from that we'll determine your band name.

Now - as a bit of an added bonus, to customise this, be sure to suggest a genre for your band name. I'll pick the best band name and award a prize.

Postscript: I feel the need to link to something - to give you something more - because I've just written the shortest blog-post ever here at Blog On The Tracks. And even though I've called it silly, I feel silly. I've caught myself phoning it in, even though I said I was going to do exactly that.

Okay, so a recommendation for today, music-wise: I've been listening to Phosphorescent's new album, Muchacho, a lot lately. Have you heard it? I thoroughly recommend it. I love it.

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