Your headlines, my deadlines...

22:46, Jun 25 2013

I write this blog every week day and sometimes I run out of ideas. Heck, you might think from your reading of it I ran out of ideas many moons ago. Fair enough. You can not only think that, you get to say it. You can post that below any day of the week.

A couple of times a year I open this up to guest bloggers, I take a week off and I get you to Right This Blog!

Well last year I stumbled on another idea. A little different, and meant really as a bit of fun - simply in the hope of engaging you (or some of you at least) - so I thought we could try it again.

I called it Your headlines for my deadlines - so I guess I'll just call it that again.

Here's how we play.

You come up with the title of a blog-post; essentially you are defining the topic, creating the theme, dictating the approach. There'll be wiggle room, possibly. And you might of course intend for that to be the case - an open-ended question.

I'm asking for five blog-titles/blog-topics and I'll write them up next week.

What's the point in this?

Well it's hopefully a bit of fun. But it also allows you all to come prepared to the battle. You see I'll announce later this week what the winning topics are and I'll hit them out in an order I decide and remind you each day what the following day's topic is going to be. So you'll know ahead of time to tune in for a special post about The Lost Sheep. Or you can be warned in advance of the next time I decide to write about a favourite Prince album.

You can pick anything - music-related - for me to write about. We can cover old ground or aim for something new.

Obviously I can't run off and interview a person you suggest, so these need to be topics that can be researched/written ("researched" is, I know, pushing it) in a night. You are not going to get a dissection of every Grateful Dead bootleg, nor will you a Q&A with Fat Freddy's Drop about their latest sleeping pill - oh I'm always doing that, sorry, I meant album.

But - if you want it - you will get a post about my favourite record from 1984 (or my favourite record called 1984). You will get a post about me making it through a Richard Clayderman concert (as I did last weekend) if that's what you want, or my favourite music biography or my least favourite album by Neil Young or whatever you want.

It's not a week off for me - I'll still be doing the writing. But it's a week off thinking up topics. And though that might seem like a sneaky/lazy trick it's really not. I found it a great challenge last year to write to order in this way. And I mean it when I tell you that I'm doing this for you - it's your chance to have some (more) input. You have a chance to pick what your daily read will be about.


You might want my opinion on all the music-related Kindle Singles that are about now. Or you might want me to re-traipse over favourite gigs.

You will get to decide.

And I'll pick five topics.

Well, actually, we'll change that up a bit too. We have the vote up/vote down buttons on comments now - to give a virtual thumbs up or thumbs down. So you will get to pick the winners.

State your headline for my deadline below - and the five with the most green thumbs will be the winning headlines; they'll make next week's deadlines.

Make a case for a blog-post. And if it gets the most votes it'll be in the mix next week. And you can prepare yourself ahead of time to sharpen your knife or bring your spoon, however that works for you...whatever suits...

So, clear as mud? You write the headline. I'll take it and make my deadline (with it).

Postscript: I really love the new album by Mick Harvey - well worth hearing, I reckon. It's been the nice surprise of the week, music-wise.

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