Please help Chris Sheehan

22:27, Jul 10 2013

So; some sad news yesterday, Chris Sheehan has cancer. He is, despite a grim prognosis, attempting to record one final album.

One of the wonderful things about this space we live in - the internet with its blogs and social media and so many time-wasters, tyre-kickers and sad, bad trolls - is that we can, in some way, help people by sharing information, by connecting.

So Chris Sheehan has started a FundRazr campaign. It was launched just a few days ago. Maybe you or someone you know would like to contribute.

Sheehan, a Palmerston North boy, found fame as a member of the UK group Starlings. They released some fantastic music - I've recently rediscovered the Too Many Dogs album - so many great songs - check out As Long As You Feel Worse and Other People's Children. While you're there check Razor Girl from the band's debut EP, Letter from Heaven and That's It, You're Still in Trouble from the group's debut album, Valid.

But many New Zealanders would know Sheehan for his work before Starlings - as a key player in one of our greatest groups.

I went back to Starlings recently because Sheehan was crucial to the sound of The Exponents, or rather The Dance Exponents as they were then. And when the band broke up at the end of the 1980s - to go away and come back as just The Exponents - Sheehan stayed abroad. He created an interesting, diverse career overseas.


The excellent TV documentary about The Exponents/Dance Exponents is what sent me back to Starlings.

Sheehan recorded with Jane Weidlin of The Go-Go's and would later see out The Mutton Birds as well as work with Babylon Zoo, Curve and playing a rhythm guitar role for The Sisters of Mercy. He also released albums as Chris Starling.

Last night I listened to the band's music again. Bands', actually (Starlings/Dance Exponents). And it was of course with a much sadder twist than just the usual twinge of nostalgia.

Sheehan is hopeful for funds to make one last album. He's appealing of course to fans. So maybe someone out there was a fan of the Starlings' work, or that fabulous music he helped to shape with The Dance Exponents - some of the finest music offered up in this country in the early 1980s; some of our sharpest pop songs...heck, ever.

Share this with people you know who know Chris, who love the music he's created and contributed to. Share this across your social media pages and networks. Contribute if you can, if you want to.

Sad news today. But we can help. Well, we can certainly try.  So if you want to then please help Chris Sheehan.

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