Who would be at your 2014 BDO?

You may remember, a couple of months back, it was announced that The Big Day Out would return to New Zealand in 2014.

And I had a wee moan about that, sure. Because I'm not a fan of The Big Day Out as a rule. Ghastly sound-bleeds, lacklustre lineups, an audience full of idiots - what's to like? Oh, and the organisers of the event are not nice people. So, there's that too.

But anyway, it's full steam ahead - a new venue too, bigger and better apparently, as BDO plans to return not just for 2014 but right through until 2019 at least.

So this coming January we're all up to Western Springs instead of Mt Smart - well, I say we and I of course mean you - you and a pack of idiots who don't care for music at all but love strutting about texting, working on their skin-cancer and binge-drinking. You'll spot them. They'll be everywhere. There to bug your happiness.

Yesterday it was announced that there would be an announcement - yes. How exciting is that?! Not really all that exciting at all - unless you're a fan of The Big Day Out as a concept, regardless of who plays; just make your announcement when you actually have some news.

The first announcement, lineup-wise, will take place next month, August 1 in fact. So just a couple of weeks away...

An Australian website breathlessly shrieked out its "15 potential Big Day Out headliners" for 2014 though how they could really keep a straight face when suggesting Bruce Springsteen and Prince (both have toured Australia recently) or for that matter U2, Radiohead, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Blur and - well, pretty much their entire list - is beyond me.

We all know that next year's Big Day Out will feature Muse again. And probably Queens of the StoneAge and some band fronted by Jack White and a cast of obvious returns. Dizzee Rascal will probably be in the boiler-room and My Chemical Romance will play too. What, they split up? Oh well, they'll probably re-form just in time for January, knowing our luck. And then there'll be another announcement about a coming announcement - because it'll be even more exciting that they've re-formed to play again. Along with Blink 182 and The Red Hot Chili Peppers and obviously Led Zeppelin - don't laugh, the link above to Faster Louder shows Led Zeppelin (and AC/DC) also in their list of "15 potential headliners".

Anyway, I won't be there. You couldn't pay me to go. But in the interests of handing it over to you to share your thoughts - because I intend to take the rest of today off - I am curious to know what would get you along to next year's BDO. Are you pleased it's returning? Or do you think it will bomb again? What do you think of the move to Western Springs? And what would your dream lineup be if you were choosing the players that make up the menu for the 2014 Big Day Out in Auckland?

Postscript: Anyone else figure there'll be a big effort for 2014, a decent crowd, maybe even an almost-interesting lineup and then another slow, painful death for the Big Day Out in New Zealand?

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